Regardless of the scope or category of business, you are in, companies strive to dig for answers to how to build an app focused on serving customers better and meeting their daily needs. With the increasing use of smartphones, the importance of using the best app builder for creating a mobile app for business also increases.

Being overwhelmed with multiple free app builders helping businesses make free apps, it’s imperative for leaders to choose the right app development services when thinking of developing a mobile app.

To cater to all those who want to know how to create an app for free or how to build an app, this blog will walk you through the best tools, platforms, and mobile app development software.

Below are the best app builders available to build an app and the key benefits of each tool. Before deepening our knowledge of the best mobile app builder tools, let’s understand how these tools can accomplish the tasks. There are two types of tools: native and cross-platform tools.

1. Xcode


Xcode was first released in 2003 and became more stable with each release version. The latest stable version of XCode as of today is V 11.3. The combination of Swift and Xcode tools improves the programming experience to an altogether new level. Xcode provides all the tools developers require to create an app for Apple products. With its centralized workflow for Design, Coding, Testing, and Debugging, the tool helps to reflect the UI change instantly.

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2. Android Studio

Android Studio

Android Studio helps in designing applications for Google’s Android Operating System. Its implementation editor offers a handful of coding and designing shortcuts with a user-friendly interface. It provides a swift drag-and-drop layout designer for iOS app development, ideally without having to spend too much time on coding.

The latest version of Android Studio provides quick fixes, built-in support for Gradle, and Android-specific refactoring. Its layout editor helps users preview the layouts on various screen configurations.

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3. Adobe PhoneGap

Nitobi created adobe PhoneGap, which Adobe later purchased. Another open-source version was released, then called Apache Cordova. Adobe PhoneGap provides the developer with an ideal platform to work with one codebase. It is a cross-platform tool that uses languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Web APIs.

4. Ionic

With a user-friendly framework that makes it easy to learn and develop numerous prototypes, Ionic offers a great environment. Ionic is built on Standard Web Technology, allowing developers to build cross-platform web applications quickly.

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Ionic has ready-made components, attractive base themes, typography, and other features to create an excellent app. It runs smoothly on mobile devices and other hardware devices. 

5. Onsen UI

Based on HTML5, JS, and CSS languages, Onsen UI is an easy-to-learn tool that helps create a native app. Some benefits of using the tool are zero time in setup, limited dependence on IOS/Android SDK, and optimized performance. It has several resources like community forums, documentation, and other interactive tutorials, making learning easy.

6. MyAppBuilder

Next on the list of best app builder used to build an app is MyAppBuilder, which helps in android and iphone app development. It is a paid app with a subscription of $29 a month. The users get the advantage of developing an ideal app without any technical knowledge. Once you register and pay the membership fee, it creates two apps per month. They’ll also take care of the hassle of uploading it to the app store for you.

7. Xamarin


Another best app maker is Xamarin, an open-source app development software that uses C# and .Net languages to create an app that seamlessly works on iOS and Android devices. It is one of the best options to create high-performance apps with a native feel. .Net is a developer platform that can be used in developing many types of applications when combined with different tools.

8. Appcelerator


Appcelerator is one of the leading free app builders preferred by several developers. It is an open, extensible tool that helps to build native apps for Android and iOS. An Eclipse-based integrated development environment simplifies the development process ((IDE).

9. React Native

Yet another powerful tool for creating a capable app for iOS and Android, React Native combines the best features to enhance the user experience.

10. MobiLoud


Last on the list, but not least, MobiLoud is a WordPress plugin that helps build an ideal for android and iOS app development. A few benefits of using MobiLoud include features for push notifications, subscriptions, mobile advertising, performance monitoring, and external link embedding. These features lead to well-personalized app development fitting the user requirements. Each of the tools mentioned in the list has its own set of strengths and limitations.

Choosing the best app maker is essential to develop the right app. It all comes down to understanding and identifying your audience’s requirements. Further, for any assistance in building mobile solutions, you get in touch with a renowned mobile app development company and kick start your envisioned mobile app development project.