Localization is one of the most important post development step that one needs to consider. One of the first few things to consider before opting for localization is regarding your user base. If you want to launch the app in different countries, you must opt for localization. In an attempt to make localization simpler for app publishers, Google has introduced an App translation service where in translating an app and its store description in one language will cost only $50. You would simply require a Google wallet account for this payment.

It is a paid third party service by localization service providers. It is a human translation professional service that is provided to app developers directly from the Google Play Console.

To opt for Google Translation, you can simply do so by selecting the app you want to translate. Select Store Listing from the left navigator, go on Manage translations and you will see a drop down with Purchase translation. Click on the button and go to New translation. You will be guided through the whole process to submit your translation order.

Alternatively, you can also click on APK in the Navigator. You will find an App translation button at the bottom of the page. You can click on start and begin the process for translations.

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You can also translate your app directly from Android Studio. Open the project in Android Studio and go to the strings.xml folder. Right click on the folder and open Translation editor, then click on order a professional translation and you can proceed from there.

The parts of an app that should be localized

You must translate in-App purchases, descriptions and product names. UI text and other text strings located in the strings.xml folder also must be localized. Any names and descriptions in the app must be translated and you might want to work on the videos and sound too. Those should also be translated for a better user experience.

Additionally, if your app pulls content from a server, it should be localized as well. You must create a process to translate the content as soon as it is published.

Benefits of translation

There are multiple translation services available. Some of the ways in which Google translation service can be helpful are:

It will be able to translate all your app strings

The translation process is quite simple. From ordering, applying to translating. Each step is clearly explained in the Play Console itself.

If you reorder translation, your previous translation is synced and reused so you never have to pay for the same translation again.

Google prepares a language set based on its extensive research. The set defines the set of languages you should translate your app into.

Translation price is completely transparent as it is calculated on per word basis. A translation order takes 4-5 days approx to be completed.

If your app hasn’t been translated into English yet, you should go ahead and do it. It is understood that even in countries where English is not their first language, English is understood globally. Some apps are popular in particular countries. You should find out which category your app belongs to and where are they popular. Consider translating your app into the language of that country where it has the potential to be successful. As mentioned earlier, App translations cost $50 on Google Play Console.

Google has simplified the process of localization so you don’t have to limit the reach of your apps.