“Making sure that people work smarter, not harder.” A year in which Artificial Intelligence re-emerged as a powerful technology creating a buzz in the IT industry. Ever since the beginning of modern computing technology, scientists are trying to develop a computer that can think like a human. With the vision of making mechanical process, algorithms and networks that have the necessary thought process and decision making of a human is what is now called artificial intelligence (AI)

Let’s think about it for a minute and recall how your computer knows what to move next? But, can AI outsmart human intelligence?

It is a challenge. There is something special in a human brain that was proved when Garry Kasparov played chess against IBM’s Deep Blue supercomputer; it was estimated that the computer was checking 200 million positions a second while Kasparov was checking five. Kasparov won his first tournament in 1996, but the year after that was the first defeat of the reigning world chess champion to a computer under tournament rules.

The former got us thinking, how would this be possible if there wasn’t something special about the human brain. This being said, technology is growing at a fast pace, and scientists and researchers are working hard to find that secret recipe. But, the second time, it was confirmed that AI was catching up to the human brain.

The initiation of such intelligence has already been made by the two most important entities in the market, Google and Apple. The introduction of Google Now and Siri are the beginning of something new. Technology is shaping the way people use information- Ok, Google and Siri are examples of the change in information use. However, we usually overestimate the changes that will take place in the next two years – Bill Gates.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

The future will see some great inventions based on AI. Some of them have already taken entry into the market. The only thing to be seen is AI creating emotions, which seems quite impossible. No matter how far it goes, it may not express or replicate wonder, awe, and the infinite feelings that a human being experiences in their daily lives.

Technology only makes life more straightforward, and to the user, it will be less about what goes on behind the curtain than what they see in front. It is more about working seamlessly and efficiently.

Statistics show that by 2025, there are going to be 500 billion connected devices in the world. The next five years alone will see a growth in the number- three to five billion new people connected to the internet. This is unprecedented. And this means that we need to develop a new vision for the future.

With a clear vision for the future, CopperMobile is working to provide a complete transformation to your workplace by making it more interactive. Software is already very intuitive, and with the human brain working to provide efficiency, a combination of the human mind and the analytical capacity of the software will give intelligence to every application. Still, they will mostly be performed in the background.

This does not mean that face to face interactions will be eliminated. The use of AI will further enhance businesses and meetings. Companies will be seen pushing AI to its maximum limit by chasing big data. The implications of AI are enormous.

Issac Newton- everything can be computed, but reality presents itself differently. The uncertainty theory contradicts this statement because of the very fact that humans are more creative with a lack of analytical ability. Computers will be seen taking over the analytical part giving humans more power to use creativity to grow the economy. The announcement of ‘sophisticated computer on wheels’ by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla Motors, is an example. Hence, preparing ourselves for a change that will make people work smarter, not harder.