Augmented Reality, a technology whose potential as a game changer is making waves in the consumer industry. It has incredible versatility in its uses among students, companies, consumer goods, patients and many more businesses.

Businesses are changing rapidly by embracing various technological innovations. These innovations make it possible for customers to experience and envision a product more personally without being present physically. Augmented reality (AR) is a powerful technology capable of making a huge impact.

The impact is visible in many ways, business executives are virtually changing the ways through which people experience purchases, building, buying and selling.

So is it basically the future?

AR applications in businesses

Augmented reality is a little different than virtual reality where it offers several graphical enhancements to the real environment. Unlike VR, it doesn’t create an entire environment of its own. AR also has several avant-garde potentials in the business realms. Let’s go through a few.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

-Interacting with digital objects

AR creates an interactive and an immersive learning platform. Training employees through such a platform is far more effective than typical class room lectures or simple learning instructions. AR has transformed education system with new AR enabled textbooks. Shopkeepers can use it to see what the product looks like. Consumers can use it to visually see and learn how to set up a computer. Architects can use it to see how their new construction will look and affect the area. In many such ways, AR will combine the digital world with physical objects.

AR can bring print materials to life thereby, making it more interactive

Augmented reality can be used by real estate businesses to bring conventional, flat print materials like blueprints, plans as well as photos to life. And all these things can happen right in front of a customer irrespective of the geographical boundaries.

Like for example, a fully interactive pop up a three-dimensional model of a property or a home is a great way of connecting with the customers.

The 3-dimensional model which is generated through AR is similar to a hologram. But it also supports some extra features where the client can modify the features of the 3-D home model such as users can try different pieces of furniture or change the color of the walls.

AR can provide businesses with high ROI (return on investment)

A 3- dimensional model has proven to be a great return on investment as it has the ability to provide real time interaction. In addition to this, certain AR enabled softwares have backend analytics which allows product based businesses to see where, when and how often people use their AR products. 

So you see augmented reality produces an enhanced as well as rich personal experience to potential customers. The entire buying experience becomes overwhelming from the customers point of view which increases the ROI chances from the point of view of the business.

The use of augmented reality in businesses can definitely provide customers with a rich user experience which turns out to be pretty gratifying from the point of view of the user. So is it really the future? Absolutely, it is.

The future of Augmented Reality

Like any other technology, AR is another tool and like all of them, we will have to match the solution to the problem. AR has already created quite a stir in almost every field  especially in the mobile app industry. For anyone who uses a mobile device, AR has already entered their life by presenting a completely new way of expanding one’s domain. It has enormous possibilities and when combined with the technology of mobile devices, it will provide an amazing experience to its consumers.

It will also have a strong impact on society with many marketing and advertising companies taking advantage of it. The mobile applications being developed so far offer facial recognition and image recognition software. Apart from this, for everyday commuters, navigation devices are being built into cars. Some cars will have augmented reality windshields that will have drivers navigate without taking their eyes off the road.

Augmented Reality could become so ubiquitous that we may use it as often as we go online, and there may come a time when we wonder how we ever viewed the world without the help of AR insight and prompts.