An entire room is devoted to the continuous operation of computer servers. Location, air conditioning, fire protection, future-proofing, and redundancy are all significant and ongoing considerations businesses face when they house their server room. Not only that, but a server room also needs electrical power, backup power, lighting, and air conditioning. It needs to be monitored consistently by server administrators. All of those things cost your business money. Eliminate infrastructure management tasks and build modern applications with increased agility and lower total cost of ownership, all with serverless web applications.

Serverless Web Application Benefits

The main benefits of serverless web applications are low maintenance, low cost, and easy scalability. In the past, hosting a software application on the Internet would involve managing some server infrastructure. There was a physical server that needed to be achieved, a well as the operating system and any other web server hosting processes required of your application to run. With serverless applications, your focus is purely on your app’s function, eliminating the need for excess maintenance.

Of course, despite the name, serverless does not involve running the web application code without servers. It is called serverless because the business that owns the web application does not have to provide or maintain any servers. Serverless web applications allow companies to rid themselves of operating costs such as licenses, installation, and maintenance.

What are serverless applications?

Serverless applications are applications that depend on third-party cloud-computing services to execute a piece of code. These services are responsible for implementing a piece of code by dynamically managing their machine resource allocation. Pricing is based on the actual amount of resources consumed by an application.

Serverless web applications also eliminate the need to devote time to set up and autoscaling policies or systems. Instead, the cloud-computing service provider you employ is responsible for scaling the capacity to meet the demand. This results in a web application that is incredibly scalable and elastic.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Additionally, serverless web applications don’t have to weigh down with a lot of back-end coding related to web servers and reliability. These components are abstracted from the functional approach of the application, improving their products for users.

Serverless Web Applications Offer Cost Reduction

Only paying for the time your code is executed? That’s the most significant advantage for serverless web applications, as it comes with a dramatic cost reduction. When you eliminate in-house servers, you create the possibility of developing web applications that can quickly move from one end of the engagement bell curve to another. These web applications cost almost nothing when there is no traffic, but can concurrently scale to handle even unexpected peak loads of traffic.

Nearly all web applications aim to run successfully on a server-less platform. Whether you have a small number of functions that need to be hosted, or if your request is more complex, Copper Mobile will work with you through the technical architecture to develop a mobile solution that is optimum for your business.

Serverless web applications offer businesses a different approach to application design, providing lower costs, and faster time to market. While serverless applications can save your company money, Copper Mobile’s processes will save you even more. Sign up for our Mobile Innovations Newsletter or read one of our informative resources.