Moving forward, we are passionate about facilitating the growth of entrepreneurial ventures by providing full logistic support to your idea. We give you legitimacy and credibility that you as entrepreneurs are looking for in your journey to success.

We as a team will assist you through your early stages by providing infrastructural and technical support. The coworking model that we offer is-

Technical Support: We set milestones for your startup that serve as a guideline for us to provide you with development support. We will provide you with a dedicated team of resources. The team consists of designers, developers for all platforms (Android, iOS and web) and Quality Analyst who will ensure that the product is of good quality.

The resources work on the product with proper guidance from the entrepreneur and a project manager who ensures the smooth progress of the development cycle. The project manager will prepare a progress report at the end of the every week to ensure that we deliver the product on time.

We believe that an in house team of experts will have a direct impact on our coworking model. This enables us to create strong entrepreneurs by supporting them to build successful start-ups. The heart of an incubator therefore, is the start-up.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Infrastructure Support: Most early stage startups would not have the required funds to rent an office space. Hence, startups come to incubators who are providing a professional working space to them.

It is always a great experience sharing space with people having different intellectual levels. It helps everyone grow both professionally and personally. Although, technology has moved a step ahead by allowing us to collaborate ‘Virtually’ today. However, all our interactions still requires one basic element that is each other.

In businesses, face-to-face interactions are important as they lead to creative solutions and ideas that improve the existing line of product. Working together will bring a feeling of professionalism in the team. 

The purpose of our working model is to help entrepreneurs make lasting impacts on communities, industries and customers. One problem which most of the startups face working with incubators is that they focus more on connecting the users with the product in hopes of generating quick revenue, however, incubators should focus on making a good quality product which when reaches the audience brings a huge impact. And, this is how we contribute.

To be continued…