A leading enterprise mobile app development company, Copper Mobile has been helping businesses solve complex problems through innovative mobile solutions since 2010. Founded by Rupak Lohit, Aakash Sareen, and Arvind Sarin, Dallas-Fort Worth’s leading custom mobile app development company seeks to help companies automate and simplify through the development of custom mobile apps. Always forward thinkers, and with a background in mobile technology, our founders could foresee the impact custom mobile applications could have on businesses.

At Copper Mobile, we build apps that make business sense, helping companies transform their processes, saving them both time and money. Our team is passionate about software and mobile technology that delivers your vision into intuitive applications, big and small.

Copper Mobile Looks to Develop Long Term Partnerships

The best business apps increase productivity, organization, and revenue for businesses. For over a decade, we have helped businesses tackle their toughest workplace problems. In an article by David Ajam for the Dallas Business Journal, Rupak Lohit says the company is looking at 2020 to be a year for “next level growth.”

“Copper Mobile employs just over 100 people, roughly half of whom are in the company’s offshore delivery center in Noida, India, while the rest are in Dallas” and has “revenue … in the multi-million-dollar range.” So what could be next?

Long-term partnerships with companies of various sizes. Rupak Lohit “wants Copper Mobile to work with not just larger enterprises but small and medium-sized companies in the future as well.” He says, “there is an increasing appetite that we see (from) the small and medium companies (that) are also realizing that they can get better value … from investing their hard-earned money in mobile app technology. It puts them on a different scale to be able to compete with the big players as well.”

How digital transformation can grow your business?

We take pride in becoming a reliable and valued team member of our clients, helping them navigate the ever-changing mobile landscape. Over the years, Copper Mobile “has matured many of its processes, technologies, and tools … to be a reliable provider while developing long-lasting relationships.

What’s Next

While the company has remained self-funded for its first 10 years in business, the founders do see the potential for “some external investment opportunities in 2020.” External investments can not only help a company grow but can “elevate a company and its work.”

Until then, Copper Mobile will continue to do what they have always done, focusing on “what our customers, what the industry, or what our employees expect from us.”

Read the full article in the Dallas Business Journal.

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Key Takeaways

  • Custom mobile apps help companies automate, simplify, and, above all, solve critical business problems.  
  • For over a decade, Copper Mobile has helped businesses tackle their toughest workplace problems.
  • Copper Mobile is looking at 2020 to be a year for “next level growth.”
  • Copper Mobile is looking for long-term partnerships with companies of various sizes.