In April of 2013, DataScan approached Copper Mobile with a complex business problem. DataScan is the industry leader in self-scan inventory data solutions. For retailers that have to take holistic physical inventories annually, DataScan developed a solution that allowed those retailers to scan their entire inventory without having to hire a third-party firm to do it for them. This saved time, and this saved money for DataScan’s clients.

In late 2012, DataScan made the decision to update the handheld scanners they provided to their retailer partners. They also wanted to reimagine the user interface of the handheld scanner application in addition to redesigning the web console and backend support system for the entire solution.

DataScan talked to numerous mobile solution developers at the outset of the project and eventually chose Copper Mobile as their preferred partner. Over the course of the next eight months, Copper Mobile worked hand-in-hand with DataScan to completely redesign their entire flagship product and service. DataScan launched the new end-to-end remade solution in Q1 of 2014. Since the launch, DataScan’s partners have reported up to 25% reduction in labor costs with the new solution implementation.

Earlier this month, the overwhelming success of the DART Self-Scan Suite earned Copper Mobile and DataScan a bronze medal from the Best in Biz awards in the “App of the Year” category. The Best in Biz awards are chosen by industry press and analysts; they are one of the highest honors a company can earn. Copper Mobile and DataScan were bested only by perennial technology heavyweights Vonage and Citrix in the category, showing Copper Mobile’s enterprise chops once again.

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We are proud to be considered one of the top mobile solutions developers for 2014. We look forward to creating many more great solutions for our partners in the years to come.