There are various categories of apps available on Google Play store and App Store. Each app has been designed for an array of purposes. The event app is one such category that has gained spotlight in the recent past.

The enterprise wide event apps are fundamental to planning, creating and delivering successful corporate events. Unlike paper based programs, the events app provides a more secure and scalable platform that the traditional way cannot compete with. As smartphones become more prevalent and mobile apps are becoming increasingly popular. The event management companies are looking to capitalize on this opportunity that the mobile event app can present. With event companies looking for ways to increase their return on investment, more and more companies are looking for mobile app development companies.

Let’s look at some of the benefits of having an enterprise event app-

Single app for all events

Rather than developing an app for every event, a single enterprise event app can serve as a foundation for all events. The app will contain its own database with past attendance records further building anticipation for future events in terms of attendance.

Streamline work

An enterprise event app is an effective tool to streamline communications with all users. With a single platform for all events, managers are able to focus on driving attendance for events rather than focusing on creating banners and event hand outs.

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Extend the lifespan of your event

Do you keep the handouts or pamphlet from conferences? We usually forget about the pamphlet and the event just as quickly. The event management app is a live tool keep you updated even weeks after the event. You can visit the app anytime and view any information about the event.

Engage and interact

You can engage with your attendees weeks before the event and weeks after by sending push notification. It creates a stronger and more intimate connection with the attendees which translates into quality meetings, better feedback and a strong connection with your brand.


An event app allows the attendees to utilize the integrated social media and networking tools while interacting with one another before, during and after the event. As users make connections, the app becomes a common point where they interact and stay in touch.

Access to event data

Attendees have access to key customers, partners, speakers and attendee lists which generates leads and helps them meet the right people.


The event app will assure the event is a success by enabling users to provide feedback during the event. The app may also contain in-app feedback polls to empower attendees to express their opinion and provide feedback about the speaker and guests.

Real Time Content

Enterprise mobile apps provide new updates in real time to ensure attendees are up-to-date with the latest information and resources.


Mobile apps include authentication and security features to ensure users only access and receive the information they are authorized to receive which is managed by the event organiser. Permissions based on attendee credentials ensure they are only exposed to relevant up-to-date information.