According to recent studies, enterprise mobility has become a top priority for approximately 70% companies and will increase by five times in comparison to the available data. Resulting in a drift in the work habits globally. According to Nasscom, the market is expected to develop further and reach a value as high as $140 billion per year in a span of next 3 to 4 years.

As an evolving technology, much of its success or failure will depend on how well enterprises are able to accept the new trends and face challenges. Consequently, you must have a futuristic insight of the development trends of 2017.

There has been a recent shift in policy of app developers as they are creating apps for internal use as well as the users. In fact, it won’t be wrong to say that general mobile application is getting substituted with smart intelligent apps.

Growing popularity of BYOD (bring your own device)

Upon collecting information over a period of time, it is evident that BYOD culture has become increasingly popular in 2017. One big advantage is that it increases the productivity of using mobile apps which reflect in the business revenue.

Along with this comes certain challenges like the employees’ devices may lack enterprise level security which poses a threat to the organization’s data. As a result, it becomes difficult for the IT department to manage all employee devices. In fact, even mobile device management(MDM) destructs the flow of work.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

One way in which this can be dealt with is to have a mobile strategy which offers security to all employees devices. Another way would be to integrate the management of mobile devices into personal device management. While doing so ensure that confidentiality of the employee is maintained.

Migration to Cloud

One of the most visible trends is the increasing migrations of large data to Cloud. Owing to the improvements in services offered by Cloud as compared to last year, more companies are considering this migration. This has enabled facilities like access to budget friendly Cloud services and data security. It has been seen in the past most companies settle down with hybrid apps for security reasons. Allowing hosting of crucial apps on premises and other apps on Cloud.

Artificial Intelligence making a significant impact

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is defined by a number of technologies like voice recognition, natural language processing, and image processing. These technologies use an advanced algorithm, computation power and advanced methods like machine learning to perform functions. In order to use AI to its maximum potential, we must ensure that the data and analytics applied to AI must produce dependable and accurate insights.

Artificial Intelligence has made a significant contribution to the world of computing with smart apps taking away the limelight. Smart apps or intelligent apps at the enterprise level have a wide range of possibilities including the use of Siri or Google Now for controlling security systems and process flow.

Artificial Intelligence will benefit the financial services sector the most as they are dealing with large amounts of data that needs to be analyzed for customer behavior or fraud. It helps in providing insight on what kind of financial advice to be given to the customers.

Another industry to benefit from AI is healthcare to improve discovery, diagnosis and patient engagement.

Impact of Artificial Intelligence

For an effective AI strategy, organizations must establish a data driven culture as a second language. It may also impact in the areas of talent sourcing, skills development and training, organizational structure, analytical methodologies, analytical tools, data acquisition and monetization, algorithm acquisition/creation, analytical modeling, analytical model training and maintenance, and process adaptation.

Along with this, organizations can start investing in employees to develop their creative and analytical thinking skills as AI implementations will require both.

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