There are a few issues that pose a more significant risk than cybercrimes and data security. There is an explosion of the use of mobile phones. We have to be skeptical about the information we provide while downloading an application. The information that we provide is being stored with the company.

The promise of insight from data isn’t something new- business intelligence and analytic capabilities have been present in many organizations. What’s new is the rate at which data is growing and the demand being placed on it. The capacity to properly analyze the risk and threats that the massive data storage poses to the company, the insights from big data help executives balance out the rewards and risks in cyberspace. With a growing dependency on big data, executives need to strike a balance between the risk and reward of operating in cyberspace.

Users are becoming aware of the information that they provide to companies as cyber risks have increased in recent years. There is a clear need for better data management on the executive’s part by investing in information security and cybersecurity appropriate to manage the risk.

One major hurdle for companies is managing the data. The volume of data being added to the data set each day is a significant concern. While it may seem easy to store data, but it has been outweighed by the increase in the volume of data coming in every day. To understand the benefits of big data analytics, organizations need to answer a few questions like why and how long they need the data and where and how to store it.

Cybersecurity is the cusp of becoming a booming industry. There have been 522 security breaches so far in 2016, with more than 13 million records stolen. The average cost of data stolen due to a security breach is $154 per record. These figures are alarming, and these figures are increasing every year.

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That’s not to say that all apps have shaky security. Some apps have polished protection, and the last thing developers want to do is lose the public’s trust. It’s unlikely that a company will say that they will not take care of security, so it is up to the user to ensure the data is safe.

Companies go to great lengths to secure the data you provide. A separate team of a cybersecurity professional is hired to ensure that your information is secure. We at CopperMobile have dedicated professionals to maintain ongoing app security. A third party validates the security and privacy programs. You don’t want the company telling you to trust them without validation.

While the company needs to be held accountable for the security of the information, however, the user can also ensure that they are doing their bit by doing the following-

You can start by reading the company’s security and privacy disclosure. You will find it somewhere on the website. You want to get a sense of how they are managing the data’s security and privacy and to what extent are they taking responsibility if the information is breached.

Mobile app development companies usually have proper security encryption for all sensitive data. Apart from this, it is recommended that a layer of login and password should be added to all applications.

Another way of approaching security is a series of questions to verify that you are the account user. The code should be sent to your registered mobile number every time you log in from a different device. It is also advised that you change your password every few months and refrain from using public wifi for any application that contains account information, personal information, and banking information.

Many companies avoid such password protection as users find it annoying, but it will soon become a standard security procedure. If one extra step is all it takes to protect your data, even users won’t mind.

As a tech company, we ensure that your data is stored in an encrypted database, password-protected. It is multi-level password encryption that is changed frequently. The information you provide is being converted into a complex code that is difficult to decipher for more protection.

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