What are the potential benefits of AI as it grows increasingly sophisticated?

A: It’s difficult to say something at this stage but AI will definitely enable many developments that will be quite beneficial if managed by care. For example- manual tasks of recording data could be automated leading to efficiency in management, reduced human-errors. Another example could be improvement in medical field drastically improving health and longevity.

Q: What is the general concern about AI safety?

A: The most basic concern for people is that as AI systems become increasingly powerful they may/ may not perform the required functionality because either they are not designed correctly or are deliberately subverted or they do what they want to do instead of what you want them to do.

These days, Ai systems are designed to have goals and as part of their algorithm they may work in ways not compatible with human values to attain their goal unless carefully designed to act in ways consistent with human values. These are systems that literally have a mind of their own and maintaining a balance between what they know and what we want them to do requires crucial actions.

Q: We here a lot of concerns that focus on human-level or “superintelligent” AI. Is it a realistic prospect in the foreseeable future?

A: AI is already has superhuman powers at some tasks for example, recording data, numerical computations. It will surpass humans in the others as well with time. AI is expected to reach human level ability in all cognitive tasks

Q: Isn’t AI just a tool like any other? Won’t AI just do what we tell it to do? 

A: It will most likely, however, in the event that it doesn’t, it is because the developer has defined certain goals for the AI system but hasn’t told the system how to accomplish nor predict in detail how it will be done. Those system will solve the problem in the most creative and unpredictable ways.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

In order to get the most predictable and creative results, developers will define goals based on users preferences and allow them to predict and control.

Q: Why are we preparing for AI technology now rather than when it is more advanced?

A: Firstly, narrow AI systems have already surpassed human intelligence in a small set of capabilities like image recognition or voice recognition. Intelligently recognizing functionalities of autonomous vehicles, analyzing the strategic and ethical dimensions of autonomous weapons, and the effect of AI on the global employment and economic systems are three more examples.

Secondly, there is no fixed time as to when these capabilities will be developed. Many researchers believe there is a chance it could happen soon, making it imperative to begin working on AI safety issues now to be prepared.

Q: Are there types of advanced AI that would be safer than others?

A: We don’t yet know which AI architectures are safe; learning more about this is one of the goals of our team at Copper Mobile.

In general, AI team’s are very responsible people who want to create a positive impact on the society. They always look for better alternate ways to serve the society and design systems that make a difference.

Q: Will humans still be in control even when AI is developed?

A: Humans will always be in control of everything because we are smarter. We will always maintain ourposition as the smartest on the planet and its not because we are stronger or faster but we are over all smarter.  

These are just some common questions customers ask regarding Artificial Intelligence systems. For more information on AI systems, get in touch with Copper Mobile team.