Google has finally released updates for its iOS application for Gmail. The application has already received lot of criticism for not having as much functionality as it has for Android and Web counterparts. With the update, Apple device users can now email

using the “send as” feature. There’s an option for notification also. The new email received can be pushed as banner message or an alert message on the bar that rolls down from the top of the screen. You will receive regular alerts and notifications pushed to the device, when it’s locked.

Gmail users were earlier finding login issues and they often had to re-enter their login credential while accessing he app. With the update, the application will remember credentials first time a user will login.

Prior to this, Gmail for iOS received an update in December last year that included new notification sound for incoming emails, custom signatures, and a vacation responder. Google released the Gmail application in November, but it had to be removed from app store because of login issues.

The new update has resolved many problems of users but there are still some key features that need to be rectified like the ability to manage multiple accounts.