A remarkable feature of GPS tracking system is Geofencing. It gives information on the user’s current location and its predefined geographical area. Geofencing is defined as a virtual boundary surrounding a geographic area. It helps in sending notifications to the user’s mobile device or in detecting the exact location of the device. If the device or user goes beyond boundaries, a notification will be sent.

It is especially beneficial for parents keeping a track of their children. In addition to this, you can alo view when a person has entered or exited a geofence location.

Infact, a survey conducted by Tsheet revealed that about 59% people said their decision making depends on location based services. The same survey also revealed that nearly 28% people trust on such apps. Adding to this, 77% individuals permit apps to track their location.

How Does Geofencing Work?

Curious to find out how does it work? To begin with, it is based on Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. It can track the precise location of the user and inform you regarding his/her whereabouts. The length of the virtual fence cannot be determined as it can be within a short radius or it can also include a large distance too. It depends on the specific needs of the user. As such it can be a small street or it can be a big city.

It can be explained with the help of an example. Suppose, a customer who is using your app and is within close proximity of your current location then as a business owner if you would like to message him as soon as he enters the fence, for this integrated SDK or plugin is very crucia.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Once, it has been integrated, it will start manipulating and reading the data from the sensors of your smartphone so that you are able to detect the activity of the customer when he approaches near.

The Various Advantages of Geofencing

Improves productivity & manage safety

One of its major benefits is that it helps increase productivity by monitoring remote workers. For example: Tracking the location of field workers to ensure safety and security of workers. Field workers safety is of prime importance to organizations as employees are at the heart of an organization.

Another example includes parents who want to monitor their teenage drivers. Geofencing gives them the assurance that their loved ones are safe and they will receive an alert if their children go beyond the perimeter.

Reduced costs

Optimizing routes will eventually lead to saving on fuel and maintenance costs. As you are well informed about your workers through their location, you can track your vehicle’s whereabouts.

Helps Businesses to Collect Customer Data

Geofencing can help organizations collect customer data to meet their specific taste and preferences. Once you are able to collect huge data over a long period of time, it will help in crafting business strategies in sync with the market.

Helps in Monitoring the Workforce Movements

Geofencing helps in monitoring workforce movements in a specified area. You will be able to track the activities of workers in a particular area which is more like keeping an eye on the worker and closely monitoring their work even from a distance. It helps in delivering quality products or services well within time.

Geofencing Helping Business to Prosper

You would be surprised to know that renowned companies like Starbucks and Toyota make use of the geofencing in order to gather information about customers. A research conducted found that there was an increase of 60% in customers due to geofencing.

The geofencing has gained momentum both within the business and the customer spectrum. It has become one of the most efficient and useful techniques to give your business an edge over the competitors. Contact Coppermobile for more information on Geofencing.