Our developers are committed to deliver rich and immersive real life augmented reality (AR) experiences through App store and Google Play store. An AR experience is one in which real life real time elements are modified and presented in front of the user. It creates a physical environment wherein elements are extracted through real world inputs such as audio, video, graphics and GPS data. The computers manipulate and modify the user’s view to present a real life experience in front of them . This gives the user an enhanced current perception of reality. Basically AR technology replaces the real world with and interfered and simulated one.

There are tons of cool AR apps and demos available on the internet. Apart from AR in retail and entertainment, AR can present many opportunities to the automotive industry for location based content serving specific purpose.

-Navigation and geolocation features that gives real time experiences based on environmental conditions

-Relevant and time conscious ads

-In-car entertainment

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-Voice control, hand gestures and smartphones

Our team is working in the same direction of creating in-car entertainment, voice control and smartphone enabled applications for the automotive industry. Some of the noted advantages of AR are:

AR based test drive

Through the AR technology, customers can test drive a car without actually being in one. An AR application that allows you to have real life experience of driving a car through three dimensional effects without physically being present in the vehicle. This means users don’t actually have to visit the showroom to test drive a car. They can do it from anywhere. All they need is a smartphone and a mobile app.

Visualize the car accessorize before buying

The users can physically place car accessories using an AR application to visualize the look and feel in real life. This will increase customer satisfaction and remove all doubts. Customers hesitate in buying car accessories that don’t satisfy them visually. AR technology will allow customers to have real life experience before purchasing anything.

Presenting variants

Like AR test drives, showroom owners will make all variants of a particular car available to customers even though it may not be available at the store. Customers can view all cars on the app. It will save time, cost and space for the showroom as they cannot fit each color and car model in the showroom due to space limitation and not enough sales executives to present the car.


Augmented reality is creating a new wave in the automotive industry — by presenting vast number of opportunities for the manufacturer and the buyer by making it convenient for the buyers to take test drives from home and at the same time, allowing manufacturers to showcase cars without any limitations.

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