The key to business growth is customer experience and customer satisfaction. Today, customers are smarter than they were a few years ago and expect you to be adept at communicating with them.

According to Gartner, 85 percent of customer engagement with a business would be without any human interactions by 2020 which will eventually increase the demand and adoption of self help tools.

Chatbots are self help tools that are changing the way we communicate with brands. It can be used to improve the customer experience in order to generate more sales and build a deep relationship with the customers.

This article will throw light on chatbots and help you improve your customer service:

Chatbots provides quick responses

Some organizations tell you that it would take a few business days to resolve the issue and at time you don’t even get a reply. This can be very frustrating which can also be very discouraging for the customer.

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Customers want an immediate response to their query. At the very least, customers will be happy to receive a welcome message from a chatbot telling them the exact time they will receive solutions to their challenges—especially when the solution has not been programmed to the bot yet.

Chatbots create customer engagement

Chatbots are the future for brand engagement and engaged customers most likely proceed to the bottom of the sales funnel. For example- chatbot can initiate a conversation about a promotion offer or update the customers about the latest product.

While still in conversation with the bot, the customers can ask about more product information, coupon codes and promotional offers available.

In the 2016 F8 Conference, Facebook announced that businesses will start using their Messenger app to buy and sell products and offer customers support, Mark Zuckerberg said,“We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend.”

Chatbots help in saving cost

Chatbots are cost effective as a single chatbot can perform the tasks of several customer care agents.

While chatbots can’t completely perform their tasks, they can significantly save money since you do not have to employ many customer service representatives.

The new research, “Chatbots: Retail, eCommerce, Banking & Healthcare 2017-2022,” found that chatbots will save businesses over $8 billion per year by 2022, which is a huge increase from the $20 million expected in 2017.

Chatbots offers 27*7 customer service

A customer care representative may not always be present all the time that’s where chatbots come in handy. A chatbot will always be there and be active at any time of the day.

Customers do not have to wait for “several business days” before their queries can be resolved or taken up.

Unsatisfied customers do not return to the brand

Studies have shown that 91 percent unhappy customers will not do business with you again (Lee Resources).

Chatbots keep customers happy and provide them with the best service experience and most importantly the customers always have the option to call a real person in case you are not satisfied with the answer.

Chatbots reduce human error

One of the primary reasons for having a chatbot is that they reduce human error. A human representative may have other tasks at hand and may get distracted while talking to a customer whereas the chatbot will not get distracted.

Chatbots have access to vast information with the help of which they are able to answer any questions.

Tips to build a successful chatbot.

Always give the customers an alternative means of communication. Ensure you feed your chatbot with a lot of information then provide an option to call or chat with a human. Customers are happy to talk to customer representatives when the chatbot does not answer as per their expectations.

Avatars Add Emotions: Using avatars can add a human touch to your chatbot. Create a fictional character of a real person and use it as the chatbot avatar.


Your business doesn’t necessarily have to be huge to start using chatbots like Facebook as you will see huge difference in customer engagement once you start. Chatbot will allow you to add customized messages and personalization to chats. For more information on chatbot development, contact Copper Mobile. Our chatbot experts will provide detailed information on bot development process.