Those of you who live in large cosmopolitan cities with never ending traffic and lack of parking prefer taxi services. Thanks to services like Uber, we don’t have to worry about traffic and parking related issues. Besides, you also get all the benefits of a personal car without having to worry about any car expenses.

Therefore, building a car service app makes more sense today. The mobile app market has exploded with car rent apps in the last few years. However, we will stay focused on the ones that have succeeded and received worldwide recognition. These apps are always going to be a role model for companies who take their first step towards success. That’s why an understanding of their approaches to business processes, functionality in their apps is at our close attention. We suggest you to take a look at taxi apps find out how much it actually costs to create an app like Uber.

Uber is often referred to as taxi by passengers and at a large scale, entrepreneurs view it as a business model. All together Uber is much more than this, covering 375 cities, providing 24 hour per day service by connecting riders and drivers through Android, iOS and Windows mobile apps, using phone’s GPS capabilities, sharing locations of both the parties so that the arrival time of the car is no longer a concern.  

Based on availability, there is a choice of various levels of Uber service:

UberX the most cost-efficient option

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Uber Black classy Uber with chic cars

Uber SUV when the size matters

Uber LUX the prime service needs no words

How does the app work?

The Uber app functionalities can be elaborated in 5 simple steps:

Request a Car:. The user books a car instantly or on schedule via the app. The details are sent to the nearest driver.

Matching with a Car: The driver may either accept or reject the ride. If he rejects, the request is sent to another driver.

Ride a Car: The customer tracks the taxi approach and knows the estimated time of arrival.

Payment: The cashless way of payment and beforehand estimated price makes this process enjoyable.

Rating: It is an important component of Uber’s business logic which enhances service reliability.

If you are thinking of creating a mobile app like Uber, the first thing you should note is that Uber actually consists of two separate apps Uber Driver app and Uber Passenger app.

Uber Driver app features allow:

  • Edit personal profile
  • Active and inactive option for drivers. Only active ones are visible on the map
  • Activity alert. The app alerts the driver when he is chosen and displays estimated fare
  • Calling to a passenger from the app
  • Generating daily / monthly reports of past bookings and earnings

Uber Passenger app features allow:

  • Managing personal information
  • Book cab
  • Call the driver from the app
  • See estimated fare and personal discount
  • Track an approaching taxi
  • Automatic payment execution with possibility to split the fare with a fellow traveler
  • Rate the driver after the ride

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

It usually depends on the functionalities you choose and the complexity of those functionalities.

If you are sure of creating an app like Uber, we will be mentioning all the details about the necessary functionalities and app building cost below.

Location & Coverage (Maps, GPS, Routing)

GPS technology is generally used for current location besides this, users can find a car with map integration and positioning. To get information of the distance and various routes, you need routing server.

While using the app, everything looks quite easy. The user simply has to click on ‘Get a ride’ button and it reflects all the information on the screen, but it conceals complex processes and architecture behind the scenes.

The cost of building

Developers usually need approximately 230 hours to integrate location and routing feature.

  • geolocation requires 60 hours
  • hours create a ride requires 90 hours
  • track the ride requires 80 hours


Uber application encourages a cashless way of payment which is convenient for both passengers and drivers which means you can use the apps services and pay via mobile device with no hassle.

Moreover, you can even estimate the fare before you actually availing their services or make a request. Uber provides a fare calculator for its users to ensure accurate estimation. To estimate the fare for a ride, Uber uses 4 main criteria: Base fare, Cost per mile, Cost per minute, Safe rides fee.

The cost of building

Payment gateway integration is the most tedious process. That’s why it takes more time and, therefore, money. It will take approximately 140 Hours.

  • payment gateway integration requires 60+ hours
  • add / scan a card requires 40 hours
  • get price 40 hours

Registration and Profiles

Most mobile apps will ask the user to sign up before the service which is the best way as it is a convenient way for additional functionalities. In case of taxi apps it is a must.

The cost of building

To implement registration and profiles, developers may need up to 266 hours.

  • sign in / out 32 hours
  • registration / authorization via email 54 hours
  • registration / authorization via social media 54 hours each
  • registration / authorization via the phone number 54 hours
  • profile editing 40 hours
  • review / voting 32 hours 

Communication and Notifications

There is in-app communication without saying but the communication between passenger and the driver is in the developers hands. The passenger is able to communicate with the driver through the app without having to ask for the phone number. The drivers contact details appear as soon as a driver accepts the pick up. Such an approach is used to ensure safe of personal data.

The cost of building

Push notifications require around 40 hours of development and SMS integration approximately requires 60 hours but it can vary depending on the telecommunication provider APIs.

An essential part of communication with users is keeping them informed this not only retains users but also makes them feel calmer. To notify users about any important events, may it be car arrival or order confirmation, you can use SMS, email or push notifications in your app. Uber app makes the use of all these approaches.


The key to winning design nowadays is clear and seamless app experience which ensures smooth interaction with an app.

The cost of building

Designing can take from 72 hours to 180 hours which ranges from a simple design to an eye catching one. Let’s consider a medium level design that takes up to 100 hours.

  • Wireframing 28 hours
  • User Interface design 45 hours
  • User experience design 27 hours

What should you also consider?

There are a few more things you should consider when thinking of creating an app like Uber. You must ensure you convey your business goals to ensure joint achievement with the mobile app development company that is developing the app for you