In the last blog post, we saw the various possibilities of integrating Artificial Intelligence in almost all verticals and discussed about a variety of advancements that will prevail in the coming years. Starting from voice assistants becoming more personal and the increase in quality of images and voice to automating process in organizations.

Let’s look at the impact of AI, Machine Learning and Data Science in the long term (5 to 20 years out)

1- AI will drive the future of education and entertainment.

AI will grow beyond its role to analyze and curate content and will play a much more important role in generating and augmenting content in the first place. And, these types of systems can be integrated in the education system where the teacher and students both will learn at the same time.

This same system can be used to generate characters and plots for movies as well as create interactive virtual games.

2- AI will improve both the quality and longevity of our lives

The use of AI in medicine specifically in solving health problems is underway. We are expecting to see personalized generation systems that may operate on background data like our genomics and when paired with our wearables will help doctors provide highly accurate and valuable insights into the impact of surroundings on our health.

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3- Internet will be more intelligent than it is now

There is talk about intelligent internet everywhere. The first sign of an intelligent internet was seen with the launch of voice assistant Siri. In the beginning, Siri capabilities were limited to your mobile device but with time and technical advancement, there has been an expansion in Siri’s abilities and is now capable of understanding the user’s preferences. The more the data it collects, the more intelligent it gets. You must have noticed that it knows what you are looking for before you even type. Siri has gathered enough data about you to give you accurate and valuable results overtime.

Siri is a single centralized AI system that is working on your behalf and providing you services on your request. It will have a positive impact on the users as a result of increase in satisfaction.

4- Breakthroughs in distributed compute will allow AI to realize its full potential

Based on the uses of AI, it will require the processing speed of more than one CPU. AI has already started being distributed over multiple machines in data centers with algorithms that are capable of running over many hundreds GPUs on each computer. The ability to make use of such high capacity processing is nascent, and we are waiting for more breakthroughs which are needed to harness AIs full potential.

So what do you think about these predictions? Will we still be thinking on the same lines in 20 years? One thing’s for sure, we will be using AI much more than we do now. It will become a part of our everyday routine.

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