The competition in the App industry is increasing by the minute which leaves little room for you to take a back seat post the app launch. Every organization is striving to provide the best user experience to their users.

As per statistics, 80% users leave the app within 90 days of app installation. The primary reason behind this is the technical issues as a result of improper app maintenance.

App Maintenance & Its Importance

There are a plethora of applications that exist for one particular service, it is absolutely necessary for you to meet the user’s expectations which starts with mobile app maintenance. And app maintenance is undoubtedly a great way to ensure customer loyalty.

Besides maintaining customer loyalty, app maintenance has many other benefits. Here are some of them:-

Improves user experience:

The first thing that any business wants is customer satisfaction. One reason why businesses develop a mobile application in the first place is to provide easy access for their customers. Therefore, maintaining the application will ensure that your customers are always engaged and satisfied with the services being offered to them.

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Improved focus on innovations:

With the rapidly moving technology industry, there is a new thing in the market in the form of an innovation, a new feature or version to ensures that your application stays up to date with the said innovation. Therefore, application maintenance is updating the application in order to bring this innovation under its umbrella.

High ranking in App stores:

App stores appreciate regular maintenance of the app as it is a sign of your commitment towards your users. It helps you rank better which will automatically improve download chances and increase revenue.

Life of a mobile app:

If your app is fully updated with the new features and version, it is expected to remain in the app store for a longer duration. On the other hand, apps that do not comply with app store rules to keep app updated, are automatically deleted from the app store.

Upgraded security

Since users keep their personal and financial informations in the apps, the app is more prone to hackers. In that case, app maintenance helps you encounter any security loopholes and take action on it

Better productivity to business:

New technology always attracts more users which helps you stay ahead. Also, you remain in the minds of the users for a longer duration. This way, you can bring better favors to your business with a well-maintained application.

Understanding and considering app maintenance is a crucial step in user retention and always staying at the top in the app store. If you think your app as a continuously evolving product, take no time to invest in app maintenance. Ask for a quote from the top mobile application development company today itself!