Whatever market sector or industry, competition has never been greater for business. Staying ahead of the competition is a constant challenge, and with new threats and challenges emerging continually, profitability is always at risk. It is no surprise then that businesses are looking for new ways to improve return on investment for every aspect of their operation.

Technology has driven many of the efficiency savings and operational changes that has allowed business to refine operations and increase ROI, and for any business, technology can offer even more. Implementing enterprise mobile apps is a proven way to increase ROI along with several other benefits.

The introduction of a mobile app to any business adds an additional point of contact for your audience, increasing engagement for the brand. But that is only part of the story and having the right mobile app development company to partner with you is a crucial part of maximizing the benefits of mobile apps. To understand just how important they can be, we can look at each aspect of enterprise mobile apps in more detail.

Mobile apps reflect social behavior

A smartphone is an integral part of modern life, most people have at least one, and use them for everything. Not just for convenience, but because they want to, it is an enjoyable experience. So, whether it is sorting out car insurance, doing banking or looking for a new home, they want to do this on their phone. It makes sense then, that providing a platform for your audience accessible by phone is beneficial, it is what they want. But if your website is mobile friendly, isn’t that enough? The simple answer is no. Studies show that smartphone users spend much more time using dedicated apps than any other activity, up to 90% of their total screen time in fact. A mobile app development company can create a bespoke user experience within an app in a way that is almost impossible on other platforms. Enterprise mobile apps give your audience what they want, and in the long-term, that enhances ROI compared to a website or other marketing approaches.

Brand Awareness

Because a mobile app is on the smartphone, something we all carry with us everywhere, your brand is never far away. Even just seeing the logo on the app screen is a reminder, increasing brand awareness. In addition, mobile apps that are engaging encourage users to use them often, again, maintaining the brand connection.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Precise Targeting

Unlike many forms of marketing and brand promotion, your mobile app can ensure that users receive the right, pertinent content for their tastes. With detailed insight, content can be tailored depending on behavior, demographics and user preferences directly within the app itself. This is one of the reasons that mobile apps maintain high levels of engagement, and it ensures a more effective marketing tool that increases ROI.

Improved Communications

The beauty of a mobile app developed specifically for your business is that it enables two-way communications. Not only can you more effectively deliver your message, you can know when that message is received, and even get immediate feedback on anything you do. Having the ability to rate content, give instant feedback or allow written responses. This not only provides incredibly valuable research data, but also gives users a sense of ownership of the brand, again increasing engagement and ultimately ROI. It is important that any mobile app is carefully designed to accommodate this feature, a quality mobile app development company will understand the importance of the communication platform from the initial design phase onwards.

Enhancing Productivity

Good mobile apps streamline processes, reducing paperwork and adding efficiency to the target tasks. It is simply faster and more convenient to accomplish tasks through a dedicated app than on a computer if the app is correctly designed, saving time and costs, improving ROI.

Enhancing operational activities

The days of workers being tied to desks in a central office is long gone. Today, your workers are mobile, accomplishing tasks on the move thanks to enhanced communications and improved technology. A bespoke mobile app can extend the capabilities of mobile workers, enhancing critical processes and increasing ROI.


Mobile apps are the solution for businesses of all kinds, offering numerous ways to improve ROI. However, as important as that is, another way to look at mobile apps is a simple one. Smartphones, and the apps that we use on them, are not going away.

Mobile use is increasing in every demographic, whatever your business, whoever your audience is, they are using apps to accomplish their daily tasks. Businesses that do not embrace apps are in danger of being left behind. A website is now seen as an essential part of business, in a few short years, an app will be seen the same way.

Don’t get left behind, discuss your needs with a mobile app development company now, and have your solution in place before your competitors do.