The most popular topics in Silicon valley is one that discusses the year in which humans and machines will merge. Most researches can guess between 2025 and 2075.

After much speculation, it looks like it will not be a sudden shift but a gradual process which is usually hard to notice. We believe that it may have already started and we are a few years in. The shift if slightly visible can viewed by the control of our smartphones. Today, our phones control us and tell us what to do. Social media plays a major role in determining how we are feeling and search engines decide what we think.

The algorithms that are making this merge happen are no longer understood by one person instead the creators of such algorithms optimize them in such a way that no humans could figure out.

In addition to having a sophisticated AI, attention hacking is going to be at the center of this generation. This will eventually change everyone’s life as we are already in the phase of co-evolution, the AI affect, effect and infect and then going on to improve AI. For example- we build more computing power and run AI on it and it figures out how to build even better chips.

If we come to think of it, this cannot be stopped. As we have learned that scientific advancements happen if the law of physics do not prevent it.

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More importantly, unless we stop, AI will continue to improve, genetic enhancement will happen and brain machine interface are going to happen. It now seems like a failure of human imagination if we were to believe that we can not build things smarter than ourselves.

As human beings, our self-worth is purely based on our intelligence.  There will come a day when AI will feel the same way.

Now coming back to the merge, it can take a lot of forms like getting really close with a chatbot. But being realistic at this point, I think that merge is the best case scenario because if two different species want that same thing then there are going to be conflicts and only one can dominate the planet so we all have to be on one team which brings us to the point where humans and machines will merge to become one.

Although the merge has already begun and it will happen a lot sooner than most of us think. We are seeing hardware improve at a much faster rate and AI is making breakthroughs everyday as a number of smart people are working on it which is increasing exponentially.

Worldwide coordination will not happen in a day, it will take time and we need it. We should take this more seriously if we want this merge to happen anytime soon.

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