iOS 12 will focus more on performance. Apple is looking to make the iPhone faster and more responsive. iOS 12 will work with all the same devices that can handle iOS 11.

–Keyboards will be 50% faster.

–Camera will be 70% faster

–App loading will be twice as fast with iOS 12.

ARKit 2 features

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Augmented reality and Apple’s ARKit development platform was also showcased. Apple developed a new file format for sharing AR content.

The showcase included showing off a new app called Measure that lets you use AR to see the size of items just by dragging a finger across them when your camera is point at them. Apple demonstrated sizing up a suitcase and a photograph for framing.

Brands like Fender and Lego are also on board. We saw previews of physical sets appearing on the table top. The Lego demo took advantage of the ARKit 2.0 multiplayer support options with both players sending little Lego Minikit folk strolling around an augmented reality Lego town. Leaning into a Lego building would also let you see through Lego walls to see what the inhabitants inside were up to.

Photos improvements

The photos app got new updates with a separate ‘For You’ tab, suggesting what you can do with the photos you have saved. These suggestions could include anything from making looped live photos, or suggesting who’s in your picture so you can share it with them.

Siri gets smarter

Shortcut, a new feature integrates with apps to build voice commands. Now, you can also train Siri with custom commands. For example- when you tell Siri you’re “heading home”, it will message your spouse and adjust the connected thermostat.

Siri will also give suggestions on the lock screen like letting you know what’s in the vicinity and it will also inform your colleagues if you’re running late for a meeting.

Do Not Disturb and Grouped Notifications

A new Do Not Disturb feature has been added along with grouped notifications, you can also address notification from your lock screen and also set a timer to limit your screen time for kids and adults too.

Memoji – your personalised emoji

Apple is going one step further with ‘Memoji’, a personalized animated emoji that can designed in any way you want your message buddies to see you.

FaceTime group calling upto 32 friends simultaneously

Want to video call more than two people? Group calling is now available in the new and improved FaceTime. The user will be able to start the Group FaceTime right directly using the group thread in Messages or join the conversation anytime.

Create an Animoji for Self

The iOS 12 has also introduced another exciting and fun laden feature Memoji where the user can create his own Animoji for himself. This interesting feature allows:

–you to create your own hairstyles,

–change the color of skin tone,

–the color of the hairs, headwear, and eyewear etc.

Better Parental Control with Screen Time

iOS 12 also brings to you a solution to control the screen time. Additionally, parents who want to keep a check on their kids phone usage will be happy with this feature that allows them to set a limit to phone usage.

Liven up the conversation

A new feature has been added to iMessages and FaceTime that allows the user to instantly share videos and photos along with filters, text effects, animoji and stickers.

Some other features are:

The Apple News has a Browse feature to discover interesting content

The voice memos have been updated to make it simpler. It will now work with iClould so that you can access your voice memos across multiple devices.

iOS 12 to also support the third-party navigation with Apple CarPlay just like Google Maps

The students can now add their student ID to the Wallet app and use it to access various places.

It is quite evident that Apple has introduced some amazing features that will hike the experiences of the users on the whole.