It’s not a trick, iOS 13 is coming, and your app should be ready. Apple announced that April 2020 is the deadline for developers to build apps with iOS 13 SDK. Additionally, all new apps and updates must support the all-screen design of iPhone XS Max or, later, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro (3rd generation). IOS 13 will deliver an exciting range of capabilities for users, including Dark Mode, Sign in with Apple, ARKit 3, and more. While cutting-edge technologies will be exciting for users, businesses and developers should take this time to prepare and make sure their apps meet all of the new requirements.

Get Ready to Go Dark Mode

Apple promises that iOS will be the world’s most advanced mobile operating system. Users will quickly notice Dark Mode, a dramatic new look for iPhone. Dark Mode is an option that will allow users to select a system-wide dark appearance. All screens, views, menus, and controls will share this darker color palette, including accessibility features. Users can choose Mode Dark as their default style, or use Settings to make their devices automatically switch to Dark Mode when ambient light is low.

In Dark Mode, foreground content stands out against the darker backgrounds, making your app’s content the focus. You’ll need to ensure that the right content stands out while surrounding UI recedes into the environment. A design that looked ideal in Light Mode might not look as well in Dark Mode. Implementing Dark Mode is an effort for both UI teams and developers; at Copper Mobile, we can help you achieve Dark Mode for your business apps.

What is iOS 13?

iOS 13 is Apple’s newest operating system. New features include  Dark Mode, Sign in with Apple, new Siri voice, ARKit3, updated privacy features, new street-level view for Maps, revamped Photos, a Find My app, HomeKit, Memoji, and more.

Sign in with Apple

While Dark Mode might be the most visible change to iOS 13, it is far from the only difference. Sign in with Apple will be a fast and easy way for users to sign in to apps. Users will be able to take the Apple ID they already have and use it across apps and websites. That means instead of filling out forms, verifying email addresses, and choosing new passwords for every app and website, users can use their Apple ID across the board.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Application developers and users can both appreciate the privacy that comes with Sign in with Apple. Accounts are all protected with two-factor authentication, and Apple will not track users’ activity in your app or website. Data collection is limited to the user’s name and email address. On Apple devices, users can authenticate anytime with Face ID or Touch ID.

Applications will require some configuration to implement Sign-in with Apple. Copper Mobile can help you achieve Sign In with Apple on iOS apps using Social Media sign in.

Other Cutting-Edge Technologies with iOS 13

Is your business ready to delve into augmented reality? With iOS 13, you will be able to create AR experiences with a new high-level augmented reality framework, thanks to ARKit 3, Reality Composer, and RealityKit.

Siri is the world’s most popular intelligent assistant. It will become even more powerful in iOS 13 as users discover new conversational shortcuts, more in-depth customization, and new media playback experiences. Siri will intelligently pair a users’ daily routine with suggested apps from the lock screen, in Search, or from the Siri watch face. Make sure your app can handle requests from Siri, even when it isn’t running, by adopting SiriKit.

Make sure your app is ready for the exciting technologies set to accompany iOS 13. Copper Mobile is here to help you update your business apps to support iOS 13 SDK. We know that mobile solutions aren’t finite pieces of software that can be dropped off once they’ve been developed and tested. That’s why Copper Mobile is here for you with ongoing support. Contact us today to get started.