We are expecting a year full of technology disruptions which will include with some game changing technology innovations. We have already seen more than we were ready for. VR in video, IoT in healthcare and smart cities. Let’s look at some possible trends in AI and Machine Learning in 2018.

AI in Healthcare

Healthcare, one of the biggest industries in the world and one which is the biggest adopter of latest technologies. To begin with,due to artificial intelligence and big data, scientists will soon be able to find cures for life threatening diseases. This is possible by analysing patients medical history which will enable the doctors to be proactive.

Secondly, the mere existence of robot assistance will make a huge impact on the healthcare industry. They can be in any form like virtual nurses in smartphones that are able to detect warning signs and call for help or monitor patients medicines and alarm the doctor by sending out notifications in case of an emergency.

Overall, it is an opportunity for doctors and scientists all over the world to make a lasting impact on the healthcare system which is more efficient as a chance of an error by a machine is far less than a human making the same mistake.

Financial Sector

As we are already aware that machine learning and AI are great for analysis,interpretation, big data and routine tasks that are performed by the machine. Artificial Intelligence is known for minimizing the error and provide predictions based on past data and these predictions are further used to prevent fraud or theft.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Besides preventing theft, predictive analysis helps companies reduce risk in the future and most companies will be interested in it as it will help them save money, be more efficient as compared to people and more accurate. Of course, some processes will still be performed by people — however, the application of AI will make financial industry more stable and efficient.

Personal assistants and customer satisfaction

We all have heard of Siri or Cortana. While they may be very helpful for a smart phone user, it is time to get more personal by using chatbots for customer experience. Personal assistants have the ability to analyse data and learn customer behavior and patterns that help them offer the best service.

They help in marketing as they build strong customer relationship and provide valuable information to the company that can be used for an effective marketing campaign in the future.

Rise of Robotics

We will see heavy use of robotics in 2018. Not only in medicine but we will also see intelligent drone and in the manufacturing sector. Robots are here to make life easier making it one of the hottest trends of the near future.


As seen in the past, technology is moving at breakneck speed. It will be seen becoming an everyday activity very soon which will help the society evolve specially in healthcare, financial sector and manufacturing. For more information on how AI can help solve your business problems, contact Copper Mobile team.