Data compromised. Lost or stolen devices. Firewall breach. We have all heard these nightmare scenarios that enterprises face.

The explosion of BYOD (Bring Your Device) and mobile app usage within the enterprise has raised the following questions: What about security? Do encryption and mobile device management protocols ensure safety? Is it possible to build secure and scalable solutions on and for mobile devices?

Security is one of the core top-of-mind issues business leaders contend with when building a mobile strategy. Employees have to be empowered to achieve peak productivity by giving them more flexibility without compromising security.

eWeek’s recent article points out all the right reasons behind Why it’s so hard to reduce enterprise mobile security risks. According to a recent MobileIron report, 33 percent of enterprises suffered missing devices while 22 percent had users who had disabled their PIN. 20 percent had devices with old policies, while five percent of firms had users who had removed their mobile device management (MDM) software. An IBM/Ponemon study found that 50% of companies devote no budget to security development.

CIO’s article on seven enterprise mobile security best practices gives solutions to mobile security concerns ranging from strong authentication to creating separate and secure mobile gateways. Security cannot be an afterthought — it’s of the utmost importance. The stakes could not be higher for mobile enterprise security, but many companies don’t know how to combat external security threats. Our presentation on 11 Reasons Why Your Company Could Be In Danger outlines some of the more disturbing facts about mobile risks while putting those numbers into context so that they’re useful for you and your company.

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The essential requirement for mobile security is planning — you have to develop a robust enterprise mobility strategy. And, that’s what we can create and build for you. For more useful information about mobility, technology, and enterprise solutions, subscribe to our blog or check our resources page.