It is believed that mobile apps give your business an upper hand in the battle for market share. However, the biggest challenge with retail apps is that they might miss out on crucial features that genuinely engage customers. 

Why Shift to Retail Business Apps?

  • Up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device.
  • Shoppers spend approximately 5 hours per day on their mobile devices in 2021.
  • 53% of smartphone users buy from company-specific apps.
  • Customers have 2X more interactions with brands on mobile than anywhere else.
  • Mobile app usage for shopping grew by 54% in 2017 and continues to increase.
  • Conversion rates from mobile apps are three times higher than mobile sites
  • The average revenue generated by your retail business app per organic user is around $20.63, making you $8 million in revenue annually. 

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This blog covers some of the must-have features that help you ensure higher ROI and persistent engagement from your retail apps!  

Must-Have Features for your Retail Apps

1. Push Notifications

Push notifications help retail apps to gain about an 88% increase in engagement. Using push notifications makes it easier to send an email. Notifications consider the user’s behavior and the location to deliver messages based on an individual’s circumstance. So, start showcasing to your users what your business has to offer by sending notifications.

2. Social Integration 

Instagram, Twitter, and other social media platforms are more popular among the masses than ever. Thereby, they are slowly becoming more important for your apps. The primary reason for the same is to provide users with maximum accessibility. With social integration, users can fill in their information automatically, saving a whole lot of time. 

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3. Quick Registration Process 

The registration process for your eCommerce app must be accessible and straightforward. Customers want convenience, and having a lengthy, time-consuming registration process puts them off. Demanding too much information may lead to a downfall in your customer attention, and therefore engagement. 

4. Multiple Payment Methods

Apps with multiple payment gateways and currency support systems perform exponentially better than just another app. When it comes to retail apps, it becomes essential to ease the customer journey to hit all the more orders.

5. Location-Based Messages

Another remarkable feature for your retail app is location-based messaging. This feature helps you notify your customers about localized products whenever they are near a location- enhancing sales to another level! 

6. Quality Photo Galleries and Videos

According to experts in the mobile field, in-app photo galleries and videos play a crucial role in creating your brand image for users. It grabs more eyeballs than your products alone. Hence, we recommend getting a great photoshoot arranged and handpicking the best pictures/videos for your app.  

7. Offline functionality

Offline availability for retail business apps is a great way to enhance your customer experience and sales. Great for customers who may not always have access to the internet. Even if they’re unable to purchase while offline actively, it’s easy to save items for later and return to buy them in just a few short steps.

8. Code scanning

Using a camera lens, a retail business app can help you scan a bar- or a QR code of any product you want. After recognizing the code and finding the product in the database, the app displays additional product information, including price, reviews, previews, special offers, and more. With that, both retailer and customers reduce their pre-sale consulting efforts.

Developing great apps takes a lot of time and effort. All the features mentioned must be taken into account to attract more customers and make your business grow. Incorporating them would give you a competitive edge and help you earn faster profits. Speak to our experts today to get your ideal retail application!