Nothing in business provides me more happiness than seeing one of our partners succeed.

At Copper Mobile, being “obsessed with client success” isn’t marketing lingo. It’s not some focus-group-tested platitude; it’s how we approach every single day and every single interaction with our partners. As a mobile solutions provider, we can only succeed when our partners succeed; only when we truly understand our partners’ industries, their position within that industry, what they’re trying to accomplish, what their pain points are, what they’re up against competitively, etc., can we begin to develop a mobile solution to help our partners achieve their goals.

This past week, the mobile world has been on fire with talk from SXSW (and rightfully so) — it’s one of, if not the, preeminent conference for new mobile technology, apps, services, etc. And, we’re proud to say, one of our very own was there promoting their wares — Access the Night.

Sam Kessler and Andrew Tuffin founded Access the Night on the simple concept that people want to know what’s happening around them when they’re out on the town. Everyone wants to know what bar is hopping, what concert is jamming or what club is bumping in their city. But, people don’t want to wait in line to find out the scene is lame; they don’t want to pay to find out the band is terrible; they don’t want to travel across town only to find out the bar they’re going to is empty.

Enter Access the Night.

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Access the Night set out to solve these problems for the socially active among us. You can view photos tagged within venues surrounding you so that you can tell what the scene looks like in whatever bar, concert venue or club you’re interested in. Bars can push deals to your phone so that you can get great drinks on the cheap. You can chat with socialites in your city in real time to know what bar is rocking or which bars have lines around the block.

Anyone who likes to go out would agree, this is an amazing concept. The ability to figure out the best scene in your town without having to waste time or money is fantastic. And we couldn’t be happier that we were able to help Access the Night make this vision a reality.

Moreover, we’re pumped that Access the Night was at SXSW promoting their app — if anyone deserves the exposure or adoration among interactive junkies, it’s Access the Night. They saw a fundamental flaw in the way people socialize, and ATN, along with Copper Mobile, built a solution to serve the socially active, digital generation.

We couldn’t be prouder that one of our partners was at SXSW; we have no doubt they will continue to find success in the months and years to come. We have loved being ATN’s partner throughout this exciting process, and we can’t wait for what they have in store next (hello Android?)

This is what we live for. This is what we obsess over. To us, client success is like oxygen — without it, we cannot survive.

Thanks to partners like Access the Night, we’ve been able to breathe easy.