How is Fintech API boosting growth in the Industry

Using banking mobile App

The banking and finance industry has drastically morphed in recent years. The major driving factors have been the rise of Fintech companies and the use of Application Programming Interfaces ( Fintech API). Because of APIs and Fintech, people can now do incredible things with their money from the comfort of their homes that once required […]

Community Banks: What you should know in 2022

Banking mobile app with payment gateway

A community bank or a niche bank is a digital bank that caters to a specific market or customer segment. They often have a personalized service portfolio accompanied by targeted marketing, tailored entirely to their customer base. Yet, niche banks or community banks provide banking benefits in the fullest sense. Most of them provide their customers […]

Digital Banking – Saving the Day During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Banking through website with payment gateway

Digital transformation in the banking and financial institutions and uncertainty of global events, especially the one we have experienced this year in the form of the pandemic, has arisen the need for a transformed customer experience. The banking and financial sector needs to adapt to these changing requirements to reassure and retain their customers and […]

8 Pillars of App Development for the Banking Industry

App Development for the Banking Industry

When was the last time you updated your passbook/bankbook? If you are a millennial, chances are you’re not even aware of its existence. A report by eMarketer shows that by 2022, almost 78% of the US millennial population will become digital banking users, driving the change in the banking industry with their willingness to use […]