7 Common Misconceptions About Mobile Banking Applications

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The competitive era of the internet and technology makes it difficult for different industries to survive. Even the banks have been fighting head to head, to get right with customer preferences and solicitation. They are trying their best to put forth new and improved digital banking methods to meet customer needs with advanced banking mobile […]

How to Enhance User Retention for Your Payment Apps

Payment Apps

The rise of mobile payment technology or payment apps is one of the biggest Fintech trends to impact the brick-and-mortar business in the last few years. The Global M-Commerce revenue is forecasted to reach $3.56 trillion in 2021. 79% of smartphone users have purchased online using their mobile devices in the last six months.  In […]

FinTech Apps – How to Build One For your Business?

Fintech Mobile App benefits

The FinTech apps industry is encountering rapid growth considering there’s an ongoing revolution in both customer behavior and the way businesses operate. Everything from banking to insurance to cryptocurrency is seemingly coming up with newer forms of ways to interact with its customers, majorly through fintech apps for mobile! Based on reports from Statista, over […]

The Emergence of FinTech in 2021

Using Web & mobile banking apps

FinTech refers to Financial Technology and is currently the fastest-growing segment in the world. Recent decades have witnessed the introduction of technology solutions that accelerated the transformation of customer experience. Moreover, the shock of the great recession agitated the emergence of new technology solutions in self-service, online and mobile banking, and artificial intelligence. A 2018 […]

Fintech Sector: Trends That Work in 2021

Accelerating Fintech Industry growth through web services

The FinTech industry is an ever-evolving landscape. With radical changes in experiences and the introduction of cutting-edge technologies, Fintech trends are impacting everything related to payments, money, and banking. Especially since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, there has been a massive surge in the industry as both businesses and the consumer sector started shifting […]