Digital Transformation in the Middle East: Key Challenges and Solutions

Digital Transformation in Middle East

The Middle East is experiencing a surge in Digital Transformation as a response to a fiercely competitive global business landscape. This refers to the comprehensive integration of digital technologies across all aspects of a business, fundamentally reshaping how organizations operate and connect with the world. From optimizing internal processes to building services and products that […]

MWC Barcelona 2021: Highlights of the Event

Connected Impact Virtual AR/VR Event

MWC Barcelona is one of the world’s biggest connectivity events, and it went fully hybrid this year. It is the place where leaders and pioneers come to inspire the next generation of innovators. The event explored how AI, 5G, Big Data, and IoT will shape the future and continue to transform lives. The major aspects […]

Google I/O 2021 – Things Developers should know about

Google I/O event

Several announcements were made at I/O’s developer keynote, including new software betas, updates to Google’s web page ranking methodology and a new managed machine learning platform. In this blog, we cover the major keynotes of the Google I/O event that developers shouldn’t miss out on. Google continues to approach its mission with a unified goal- […]

Beacon Technology for Retail – An Overview

Online retail with help of Beacons technology

The global beacon market is estimated to grow from $1.17 billion in 2018 to $10.2 billion in 2024. The technology is proved to be an asset for brick-and-mortar retail stores— offline can converge with online to provide personalized and improved customer experiences. With iBeacon technology, Apple is just one of many beacon providers in the […]

A Guide To Must-Have Features for Retail Apps

Ecommerce Retail Mobile Apps

It is believed that mobile apps give your business an upper hand in the battle for market share. However, the biggest challenge with retail apps is that they might miss out on crucial features that genuinely engage customers.  Why Shift to Retail Business Apps? Up to 70% of web traffic happens on a mobile device. […]

Gamification in Retail: The future of Customer Experience

Online Ecommerce Retail Apps

With consumers being more connected than ever before, the notion of Gamification in retail is quickly becoming an imperative. With the rapid increase in digital connections leading to increased speed and convenience across all aspects of life, the question now raised is how and where to deploy resources for digital initiatives effectively and efficiently and […]

Standalone Wear Apps – No Phone Required

IOT in Smart Watches

The newest smartwatch apps, both for Apple and Android, have one thing in common, no phone required. Smartwatch users have come to expect that the apps on their watches should work, whether they have their smartphones with them or not. The arrival of watchOS 6 for Apple and Android Wear 2.0 means that users can […]