Here are 5 Must-Read Tech Updates to Stay Updated!

Water Activated Paper Disposable Battery has been Developed

Electronic waste is becoming the world’s fastest-growing waste stream, and to curb this challenge, Gustav Nyström and colleagues have come up with a biodegradable energy source. With Zinc, graphite, and a paper substrate, this paper battery is activated on the water stimulation and is found to be of historical importance towards growing environmental awareness.

This single cell provides an open circuit potential of 1.2 V and a peak power density of 150 µW/cm2 at 0.5 mA. As proof, this has been used as a power source in an alarm clock.

A Robert has Learned to Imagine Itself

A Columbia Engineering Team has announced that they have created a robot that could model itself without any human assistance. Their new study published by Science Robotics demonstrated that, like a child, the robot explored its movement and self-modeled in the hall of mirrors. This ability can save prolonged man hours, considering that the robot can detect and fix its wear and tear.

The robot’s self-model is quite important for self-awareness. If a robot can self- model, it can work towards an evolutionary advantage as it can function, make better decisions, and be self-reliant.

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AI-powered Service Turns Portraits into Talking Heads

Amazing news for the Digital creators! Evolution in the world of emojis and avatars has been accomplished as an AI-powered service can now turn images into videos with complete speech. The technology even offers the facility to choose gender, age, tone, and ethnicity in order to choose their respective identity and characteristics. Becoming a powerful tool of the metaverse, this is an amazing opportunity for digital creators in order to create videos to keep the audience engaging.

In fact, with the sudden acceleration of the videos in the marketing strategies, this is a great opportunity that can escalate the creation of content and simplify brand strategies leading to an authentic brand’s growth.

New Era of Driverless Technology: Robotrucks to Hand-Deliver

Brace yourself, people! Robotrucks are here!
Robotrucks have taken over automated journeys and are now a part of the driverless era. These Robotrucks are fitted with sophisticated LIDAR road scanning systems, computer vision, and AI predictive software to drop off and pick up for homes and businesses.

However, when driving anywhere is the goal, this self-driving technology comes up with a backup driver that steps up in case of emergency. This advancement has played a crucial role as it would improve road safety and prove to be of significant value in terms of people and traffic.

Digital Twin Technology Can Decarbonize Cities

As a part of the Clean Cities and Clean Future campaign, Digital twin technology can help achieve carbon reduction goals. It can be implemented by city planners and architects to manage and minimize the carbon emission of the old and new buildings.

According to Ernst and Young’s recent postings, digital twins could save up to 35% on project and building costs and help reduce carbon emissions within our cities by between 50% – 100%. You must be wondering how?
A digital twin uses real-world data to create a simulation of a physical object. It is a virtual representation that helps to predict how a product will perform and help to optimize in terms of design, construction, operations, and management. Not just the buildings, it can monitor and regulate the traffic flow and can help transform cities with smart solutions.

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