AI continues to take the industry by the storm.

For a majority of people, Artificial Intelligence came into existence with the launch of Siri and Cortana which is now a business necessity when it comes to understanding and analyzing valuable data. Apart from dealing with data, it is being used by many companies across the spectrum like automate processes, detect fraud, respond to customer queries and carry out menial, but important, administrative tasks. Artificial Intelligence development is only improving.

What are the most important developments of 2018, and how will they shape the future of AI?

More research on AI and demand for AI experts to increase in 2018

From 2018 onwards, there are definitely seeing more people from all spectrums who are participating in creating, developing and productizing AI.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

By now, we have seen more product usage, creation of apps, translating data and algorithms into real world usage. Everyone from linguists, data scientist, UX experts to cognitive programmers are massively scaling up for delivering AI products.

Rise of Capsule Networks and AI content creation

We are seeing more use natural language processing and generation for converting structured data into intelligent narrative. There is more use of automated content generation in areas like news, sports, financial industry and social media.

We have also seen extensive use of image recognition and computer vision with the launch of Face Id in mobile devices.

More use of smart automation and chat boxes

Advanced AI is predicted to make accurate, more instant verbal and visual translations. It has been estimated that 85% of customer interactions will be managed by AI.

Rise of bots and conversational AI

Trend indicates that research is being done on emotional sensitivity and translating technology in AI. For example- Amazon is a step ahead in training Alexa to recognize speech patterns that may be indicative of suicide. This presents a promising future of using bots for effective psychiatric counselling

AI in medicine and clinical system

It is expected that by the end of next year half of leading healthcare systems will be using AI is some or other form for diagnostics. AI in 2018 and for the years come will be embedded in our clinical systems that it will be more like a regular system.

AI to scale up marketing and sales in B2B companies

Enterprises are likely scale up AI to deal with complex IT ecosystems. Marketing activities will put AI to best use for gathering information as part of the lead generation and account management process.

AI is likely to open up new scope of research in astrophysics and energy

Experts have predicted that AI will revolutionize the energy industry that will enable detection of unexpected astrophysical events that emit gravitational waves. Thus opening up a whole new field of research for contemporary astrophysics.