Digital market is largely growing with the development of technology and its use among the common population. From big software to android and iOS applications to voice assistants, we have seen technology growing and in no time, the app store, Google Play Store and Windows Store are reaping profits for various digital services which give users options to personalize functionalities on their devices.

A few years back, a new market place called the App store smoothly replaced the websites. Similarly, in a few years we will witness a new marketplace called “Mixed Reality Environment” replacing the mobile app stores.  These environments will be a replacement for the App stores exactly the same way mobile applications were a replacement of websites leading to a new “environment store”.

Users will be able to find Amazon environments and Facebook environments where they can download, play and interact with other users in the environment with a mixed reality headset. Similarly, in a Facebook environment, users will be able to send messages to their friends by instructing a virtual assistant while viewing a 360 degree image of their friends and be able to make a 3-D holographic video call to friends.

The development of an Environment like this will require :

1) A strong Artificial Intelligence system to understand the user’s taste and preference and help the user interact with the environment.

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2) Lighter headsets to allow users to use the headsets for hours at a stretch without having to remove it in between. This is a crucial step in the preparation of such an environment because if it were to replace mobile applications, the headsets have to be very user friendly.

3) User experience has to be the highest priority because it is not an environment of a finite number of screens but contains infinite screens. A bad user experience will not only lead to lesser clicks but also provide a nauseated experience for the user.  

4) A mixed reality market place will only exist if all companies are ready to develop environments for the users with the services they are offering.

5) Mixed reality environment will be a joint effort of all the companies currently offering mobile applications. When all of them offer their services in a mixed reality environment. It will start to pick pace.

It is safe to say that we are not too far and not too close from a world where people will be able book tables and cabs from a mixed reality environment.