The biggest opportunity as well as challenge in the connected car industry is data management. Connected cars are streaming huge amounts of data into cloud and the key to utilizing such huge chunks of data depends largely on data analysis and predictive analysis.

Here are some of the ways how predictive automotive data analytics will drive the rapidly growing connected car industry.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance aims to identify vehicle maintenance issues even before they occur. This data is extracted from repairs with vehicle sensor data, predictive data analysis can find some correlations that allows it to find repairs that are hard for humans to identify.

It can predict a manufacturing defect in shipment easily by observing data from a million of other vehicles having similar issues.

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The analytical applications can extract relevant data from every vehicle in a given year and compare it with the warranty cards. As predictive analytics has access to larger datasets, the automakers can help your connected vehicle in spending more time on the road and less time in the shop.

Predictive Collision Avoidance

The best example of Predictive Collision Avoidance is the system developed by Nissan which with the help of advanced sensors, big data and vehicle to vehicle connectivity will be able to judge the speed and distance of the vehicle in front of the car and of the preceding 2 vehicles. If the system predicts any unusual behaviour in the vehicle, it will send a signal to the driver with a visual alert and audible signal.  Additionally, a signal will be sent to temporarily lock the seat belts in case of impact.

We will see a more complex and effective collision avoidance system emerge based on predictive driver behavior as developers create apps that enhance communication between connected vehicles.

Automotive Marketing

With the audience size steadily declining, old marketing strategies have kept  most car makers afloat and TV or print media are losing effectiveness as an advertising medium.

Predictive analytics helps the automotive industry in tackling marketing challenge. The modern day applications with the help of big data and predictive analysis can identify and classify people that are interested in buying the car.

Developers can integrate predictive analytics with Customer Relationship Management platforms that can help dealers in delivering highly-targeted advertisements to interested buyers.

Data Management of Connected Cars

All analytic applications made for connected cars represent data management. Whether for being effective in marketing, maintenance, security or other activities. The data has to be managed.

The only solution to this data glut is the implementation of intelligent data management solutions that can manage data both in the car as well as in the cloud.

By intelligent analysis of data streams to and from connected vehicles, the data management applications will permit only data that is needed to be exchanged, and only when it can be used. Instead of analyzing the stored data, effective solutions will manage data in real time, making effective use of the connected car resources.