Copper Mobile is delighted to announce that we have been ranked amongst the top 10 Enterprise App Development Companies by TAC (Top App Creators). Top App Creators is a comprehensive listing service that brings you the foremost app development companies across the globe. The companies and providers listed at TAC have been hand-picked and selected through TAC’s proprietary vetting process that involves evaluation of the company’s’ success record, client reviews and testimonials, and other factors.

TAC’s evaluation process is based on multiple parameters like Market Penetration, Platform, Reputation, Innovation, Turnaround Time and Customer Review. These parameters define and redefine the company’s standing in the market.

Market Penetration:

Market Penetration is a business growth strategy that we initiate in order to expand the customer base for our products and services. It is both a measurement and a projection of how successful we are. Our idea is to have our work spread across geographies, countries, and nations with time. Our expansion plan includes identifying the technologies in demand for various potential markets. Our presence spans across two different time – zones- USA and India.


At Copper Mobile, we build mobile and web applications on multiple platforms. We carefully study the app requirements and suggest the technology stack for the applications. We have expertise in cloud computing. eCommerce development, games, mobile apps, wearables and web applications.

Our industry focus ranges from an enterprise, business services, consumer products, financial services, gaming, government, IT and telecommunications to retail.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Our resources have a skill set ranging from frameworks like .NET, Adobe, Laravel, WordPress, Zend, CodeIgniter, Node JS and others and programming languages AJAX, ASP, C, C#, C++, Java, Objective C, Swift, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, XML, Angular JS, Node.JS.


A company’s employees are the most influential brand ambassadors. There is a huge transparency nowadays in the manner in which the company supports its employees. The reputation of a company directly impacts its survival as trust and confidence of clients directly affect our projects and standing in the industry.

It is essential that we maintain our reputation for which:

  • we indulge in marketing activities
  • maintain Social Media presence
  • create public profiles to increase awareness
  • maintain a healthy work environment
  • deliver quality products to clients


We have a strong commitment towards innovation and are always pushing boundaries and creating turbulence in the market with new and improved technologies. Our frequent innovations keep evolving the structure of business which helps in taking bold steps that leave a lasting impact in the market.

Turn around time:

We generally need 2-3 months to develop a mobile application. It includes strategizing, designing, developing, testing and delivering the application to the client. We follow the Agile development process that helps us respond to unpredictability.

Based on the above parameters, TAC cobbled together a list to highlight companies who have demonstrated the great performance in 2017.