Internet of Things was the most talked about technologies of 2017. Needless to say, 2017 was a year of transformations in the Internet of Things space. We saw almost every industry invest in IoT. Despite the huge gains in connectivity, 2018 will be steady for internet of things. You will see many new wireless connections this year.

Here are some of the trends to watch out for in 2018:

Blockchain Technology will accelerate transactions and reduce cost:

The most exciting trend to watch out in 2018 will be the use of Blockchain with Internet of Things. If you’ve noticed, any conference in 2017 was never over without a discussion on IoT and security questions paired with that discussion.

Since the number of IoT solutions in our lives has exploded providing sensors, processing, storage and communication, we are looking at tons of data collection security concern is of top priority. Many believe that blockchain is the missing piece to ameliorate privacy, security and reliability in IoT.

Blockchain and IoT have been the center of all talks in the last couple of months. Blockchain for its security and IoT for providing connectivity. In short, Blockchain will soon be employed to trace billions of connected devices, transactions and will offer huge savings to IoT manufacturers.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Blockchain will be used to eliminate any point of failures which will further create an ecosystem for devices that is absolutely secure and safe to use.

Smart Homes:

Smart home allows users to monitor a wide range of verticals like security, energy, home monitoring etc. Most smart home brands are collaborating with a variety of appliances to provide comfort and convenience to users. Smart home is converting homes into a more and efficient and secure place.

Amazon Echo is one of the most popular smart device. Another famous device is the Learning Thermostat, manufactured by Nest, which automatically adjusts the temperature of the house.

Smart Cities:

Internet of Things has opened up opportunities for almost everything to be interconnected like your mobile device informing you when to stop the oven signalling you that dinner is almost ready or receiving a text for your next car service. IoT is providing comfort as well as personal well being. It is moving towards smarter cities.

Analytics, big data and connectivity have opened up new potentials like controlling and managing devices, remote monitoring and generating huge amounts of data. Hence IoT is changing cities completely by reducing traffic congestion, enhancing public transportation, creating more efficient and cost effective municipal services and keeping people engaged and safe.

IoT in Healthcare Industry:

Patient beds can be automatically adjusted, thanks to smart beds. Many hospitals have started implemented smart beds to detect patients movement and adjust to height accordingly. This will reduce dependency on nurses and any kind of human intervention. Soon, these beds will be able to track patients medication if it is taken on time or not and this data will be stored on the cloud.

Security and Privacy:

In the coming years, we will be surrounded by billions of IoT devices. From smart homes, smart cars to smart cities and smart bed in hospitals where people can track their health, everything will be interconnected and controlled by mobile device. But with so much connectivity also comes risk of losing the data to a cyber attack. Thus, companies are ensuring security of their products. With Blockchain, all connected devices will be secure and data will be safe.

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