Unlike what many E-Commerce business owners believe, Twitter E-Commerce marketing is a powerful tool to enhance sales for your business. It can help you enhance customer engagement and your online presence multiple folds. Twitter grew its active audience base to over 300 million/month, with a total revenue generation of $3.7 billion in 2020 (an 8.8 percent increase annually). 

According to studies, Twitter users are 2.7x more likely to purchase a product after checking it out on the platform. When brands partner with influencers to enhance their sales, that intent increases by another 5.2x! Considering these triggering statistics, about 66% of brands with over 100 employees use Twitter for E-Commerce marketing.

Before planning your Twitter E-Commerce marketing strategy, you need to understand your audience, who’s searching for your products, and more. You can find this from your Twitter search data. A well-defined strategy is to use the Twitter trending keywords and your E-Commerce related keywords. 

How to Boost E-Commerce Sales on Twitter?

Without further delay, let’s take you through some strategies and E-Commerce marketing ideas to help you enhance your Twitter presence/ E-Commerce Twitter marketing. 

1. An Eye-catching profile is a must.

Your brand’s Twitter profile must give a great first impression, which eventually enhances sales. Try to maintain consistency throughout the profile, which includes your cover photo and display image. As for your bio section, you need to consider this section as your elevator pitch. Use relevant keywords for targeting a larger business audience and let people know where to find your products. Another major aspect to take care of is your pinned tweet. This could be great for emphasizing a message or ongoing promotion.

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2. Engage, engage and engage

The second important strategy to enhance your Twitter marketing is to engage with your fanbase. Constant activity, interactions, and reposting from your customers are a great way to see effective results. Since Twitter is all about constant activity, you need to be mindful of where, how, and what you engage with. Another way to enhance engagement is to ask questions or set polls and take your customer’s responses. 

3. Grow your Following 

It’s crucial to distribute your content and have a word out about your services. A great way to reach out to new users is by analyzing the right keywords and using Twitter’s search function. You can find many conversations around these keywords to offer some value, leading to getting potential customers.

4. Schedule your content 

The more active your brand is on Twitter, the better. A constant activity helps to boost your brand reputation. However, there are optimal posting times for Twitter, and you must take advantage of that while posting B2C content. According to our research, the best times for E-Commerce companies are 8 to 10 am, 12 pm, and 7-9 pm. 

5. Use Twitter Ads to Grow Even More 

As for every 1000 impressions, Twitter bills you based on a CPC approach. It would be best to use these ads to target a niche-specific audience and thus enhance sales. Again, it’d be best if you keep your ad content short and sweet. Ensure that the ad copy is both conversational and does the job well. Visuals like product videos and influencer marketing videos also work as a fortune to enhance sales. 

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All in all, Twitter is a super tool to tap into your audience’s interest and build customer relationships to boost sales. Feel free to contact our experts for amazing web and mobile solutions for your E-Commerce marketing.