From healthcare to the military to education, VR is changing the future of these industries.

The tech world is moving towards a more anticipated solution that has the potential to make a mammoth impact on every sector. The extensive use of virtual reality is creating an imaginary or real environment based on the requirements of the user.

According to statista, the total number of virtual reality users will reach 171 million by 2018. Revenue generation from VR application is also increasing at rate of knots in upcoming years.

Till now, Virtual reality which was believed to be dominating the gaming and entertainment sector has started to impact multiple other industries with its impressive use cases. This transformation is building up the landscape for different industries, of which many have started building a future with this technology.

Before getting started with the benefits of VR, it is important to realize what the technology is about.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Virtual reality presents our sense namely sight and sound with a computer generated virtual environment that the user accepts as real environment. In other words, it is a three-dimensional computer generated environment that can be interacted with by a user.

Here are some advantageous usages of virtual reality in the following sector:

Virtual Reality apps: Interior designing

For interior designers, communicating a concept to their clients can be stressful. With a large amount of things to explain like placement of furniture, finishes, fabrics and lighting, it can be difficult to explain it through the conventional methods like 2-D sketches and renderings, plans and sections. These do not fully capture the true essence of the designers idea.

The new virtual reality tools are altering that by creating richly imaginative digital environments that are expressive. Designers will be able to create the exact replica of the room in front of the client by way of a headset.

Virtual Reality apps: A step towards betterment of healthcare industry

Healthcare is one of the biggest adopters of VR. In a normal and high risk operation, doctors are using VR devices to get a better multi dimensional view for every dimension.

Additionally, VR can also be used to track body movements such as when patients are allowed to use the movements specified in their therapy sessions as interactions in a VR game. For example, the patients may need to lift a leg above knee level in order to kick a virtual ball.

Another example is using VR for training doctors and nurses. A realistic simulation of a procedure and practising steps and techniques is far better training than watching a video, or even standing in a crowded room watching an expert.

Virtual Reality Apps: Make a classy experience in education industry

Virtual reality apps have showed great potential in the education industry. VR is capable of showing imaginary and dynamic environment that allows for capturing real time knowledge for a particular topic. It helps in engaging students in topics related to literature, history and economics by offering a deep sense of place and time.

Virtual Reality Apps: Military and Defense

Across multiple branches of defense and military, VR is being used to create simulation environments which provides an immersive way to provide training to recruits and optimize operations. Then there’s mapping communication during crisis and war. Government can share the environment virtually with remote personnel to improve the crisis management strategy.

This is not an end!

The application of Virtual reality in aerospace and architecture industry is broadly making its way. The B2B and ecommerce sectors are embracing the virtual reality apps by giving insights about consumer behavior.

In conclusion, the VR industry is improving by the minute and will continue to transform the way society utilizes technology.

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