Cloud technology also referred to as cloud computing is the delivery of computing services over the internet. Services like software, storage, networks, servers, analytics and much more. Cloud computing has emerged as a game changer causing a ripple effect in the technology industry and ultimately transformed many industries.

Let’s look at some of the ways in which cloud has made our lives easier:-


We used to use the floppy disc at one point but now we have more options. We can store any kind of data, files, images, folders, documents and much more in Cloud. It is all about saving all your data in a storage system that is maintained by a third party.

Cloud computing has made it possible for people to access their data remotely from anywhere. Instead of storing them on a hard disc or on PC which might get lost someday. This data can be accessible to anyone at anytime from anywhere. You don’t have to carry your CD’s and hard drives anymore.

A good cloud computing service is compatible with different apps and formats.

How digital transformation can grow your business?

Big data management

According to Forbes, 74% CFOs say that Cloud Computing will have a measurable impact on their business in 2017. More and more businesses are relying on Cloud Computing to manage their businesses as Big Data is growing in volume and it is difficult to manage it on premise.

Managing data on premise means huge investment on data centers whereas having a remote database to maintain all files is less expensive and manageable. Apart from this, putting all your data on Cloud means data is not scattered and you can dive deeper to analyze your data. Cloud also provides analyzing tools that are beneficial for your organization.


Cloud encourages team collaboration. When your employees are able to collaborate in a better way there is an increase in productivity.

You are able to connect with your teammates through live video conferencing/chat. Any documents/files or images that are shared automatically gets stored in the database which is accessible to anyone who has access to it. It encourages easy sharing, downloading and uploading of files/documents. Cloud gives real time access to files. The concept of Work From Home is present because of Cloud.

Disaster recovery system

Today organizations are mostly data driven with huge costs involved with it. There can be a range of disasters and outrages with data. Giving rise to service level agreements and disaster recovery system. These systems are generally very expensive but Cloud companies have made sure that your data remains safe. They have replicated security systems and data across geographies.

Cloud and Apps

Mobile applications have completely changed the way you consume news, information and any other content in our life. A mobile user spends 2 to 3 hours approximately on mobile apps per day.

Apps work because of Cloud. The internet connects the actions on your device to the Cloud which sends back the results you receive on your device. Your data is stored on a server in Cloud which you can access anytime you need. Like Google Maps uses different technologies to tells you which route to take and which road to avoid. The games you play on your mobile works with the help of Cloud.


Cloud Computing is gaining pace in the healthcare industry making it a vital tool for the industry. It leads to better collaboration and data can be stored remotely. The stored data can be accessed from anywhere. Cloud computing provides the facility of remote conferencing and minute to minute updates on the patient’s condition.

Some examples of Cloud Computing include managing non siloed patient data which can be shared with medical professionals or patients checking their own report status and treatment follow ups.


Cloud Computing solution enables effective knowledge delivery to students. It increases engagement and collaboration among students which improves their performance. It also reduces cost and increases accessibility as most institutes use some kind of Cloud system to manage assignments, test results, documents and much more. It reduces wastage of paper as well.


Cloud Computing has entered the e-commerce space as well. The advantage with Cloud Computing is that they provide speed to e-commerce businesses. You can scale up your business without having to worry about the IT team.

With the help of Cloud Computing, organizations can focus more on business rather than the server, storage, backup and security of data. Cloud service gives you a better backup and support and they have a dedicated cloud server. Functions like customer service, data management, inventory management, accounting, and finance are all integrated with one Cloud based solution. Cloud based e-commerce businesses are easy to scale.

Internet of things

All your smart appliances including your printer, dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator, and cars are connected to the cloud with the help of internet. These appliances have a cloud based backend and have long term value.

Like your smartphone updates itself, rest of the appliances at home will soon be connected to cloud to get updated. It will be more useful to you as you will be able to control and give instructions to your appliances with your smartphone.

Some examples of this include self-opening curtains, lights, adjusting Air conditioner thermostat with your smartphone. Apple Homepod, Amazon Echo, Google Home are proving to be pretty useful for this purpose.


Cloud services have immense potential it depends on how you want to use it in your life and business. Get in touch with Copper Mobile to have a discussion on the benefits of Cloud Services and how can you use them in your business.