In a few days, we’ll all come together to witness the year’s biggest tech show in Las Vegas. The Consumer Electronic Show is an annual gathering of all the latest technologies from TV, gadgets to car tech and more.

Years after year, CES has shown us the best technology. The last few years were all about Internet of Things, Smart TVs, Autonomous Vehicle, Smart home and wireless everything. The question is will it be the same this year or are we looking at another year of technology disruption.

If you look back a few years, you will see a vast difference in the tech trends. The technology graph has picked up in the last few years. Buzzwords like Internet of Things, AR and VR have seen tremendous growth. However, as we prepare for CES in Las Vegas, these are the few things that will be different about CES in 2018:

AR will take the front seat

We have seen three well established headsets in the market which have made VR feel well settled in one corner. With most people hesitant to buy a VR headset due to its excessive pricing for the hardware and its main focus on the gaming community.

On the other hand, augmented reality has earned a sense of purpose in the industry. The credit of which goes to Niantic’s Pokémon Go. In 2017, Apple released a new ARKit framework for augmented reality applications and we also saw a rise of the computer vision on smartphones with the ability to decorate our selfies with all sorts of virtual objects. While our smart phones only offer some part of the augmented reality potential, we will see the high end of AR in CES 2018.

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Electric cars

At CES, you will witness some new ways to reach your destination. This year’s concept will be less of what powers the car and more of which technology that is in those vehicles. Ford’s new CEO, Jim Hackett will deliver a keynote address on 9th January in which he will focus on big buzzwords like mobility and future of transportation.

Byton, a chinese automaker will be at the CES 2018 to show off its first car, an SUV that they refer to as “Smart Intuitive Vehicle”. It is a fast, flashy and super fast electric car.

Lyft is one of the companies to look out for as they will be offering real rides in semi autonomous cars as an answer to Ubers helicopter stunt last year.

Wearable to get more serious about health

You will see a slight increase in the number of health and fitness wearable exhibitors and you can expect to see things like connected blood pressure monitors, gluten sensors, fertility monitors, sleep trackers, fitness trackers and goal setters– and lots of them.

Will Google assistant get ahead of Alexa

Smart home gadgets have been around for quite some time but they were not very popular until recently that they actually came within the reach of customers due to easy download on our phones and installation.

In the past few years, we have seen smart homes take on basic things like lights, air conditioning, power outlets, speakers, security system and so on. You can expect to see companies expand the reach of smart home to new types of devices.

PC Gaming will dominate this year

2017 was a good year for PC gaming as one of the world’s most popular games, playerunknown’s battlegrounds became the system seller for the entire platform.

Buying a PC is relatively cheaper along with all the graphic cards inbuilt into the PC and  readymade PCs with graphics-intensive gaming and VR, and other games are more readily available.

This means that the displays at CES will be dominated by gaming accessories, prototypes and VR hardware.

Beauty gadgets

There has been a long wait for smart mirrors and connected hairbrushes. Something most of us imagined would be the future of beauty gadgets. But for now, we’re hoping that the mirror tells us how we’re looking.

Luckily, 2018 will be the year that this will be possible. The beauty technology you witness at CES 2018 will soon makes its way into salons, makeup stores and shops. Many technology companies will be seen coming up with such solutions this year.

All these technologies are just a taste of what you can expect in CES 2018. Stay tuned for more updates this week.