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Anchor is a dynamic, forward-thinking company with a mission to revolutionize the way people enjoy their leisure time. Fueled by a passion for enhancing the social experience, Anchor was founded to create an innovative app that maximizes the fun and excitement of going out, whether it’s a night on the town or a day of adventure. The company aims to connect individuals with the hottest and most happening spots in town by harnessing the wealth of information people share on social media platforms.

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Business Challenge

Anchor’s journey began with a desire to simplify the process of discovering enjoyable places and activities. People often find it challenging to identify the best places to socialize, and even more challenging to know what’s currently trendy. Anchor initially partnered with a different mobile developer to bring their vision to life but faced significant obstacles. They were overcharged and left with an unsatisfactory final product.


Seeking a reliable partner to rectify their situation, Anchor turned to Copper Digital for assistance. Our role was not only to clean up the mess created by the previous developer but also to enhance the existing architecture and technical infrastructure. We aimed to integrate various social media streams, building a comprehensive solution that would make social outings more enjoyable.

Anchor’s requirements were diverse and extensive. They needed a full-service mobile solutions partner proficient in UI/UX design, technical architecture, web console and database management, iOS and Android development, API integration, partner relations, and quality assurance. Additionally, we were tasked with negotiating standalone partnerships with platforms like Foursquare for location tagging and Instagram for photo access, which were essential for Anchor’s success.

Under Copper Digital’s guidance, Anchor underwent a transformative pivot from a coupon and deal app to a powerful discovery engine. We developed an app that aggregated and prioritized location-tagged photos and reviews from social media, allowing users to identify the hottest spots in town at any given moment.




Copper Digital took on the challenge of fixing the mistakes made by the previous developer and, more importantly, restoring Anchor’s confidence in their mobile development partner. Recognizing the potential of Anchor’s concept and the dedication of its founders, we collaborated closely to create a beautiful and intuitive solution.

Today, Anchor’s app has transformed the way people plan and enjoy their social lives. It has become an indispensable tool for individuals looking to discover the most exciting and happening venues and activities. Copper Digital’s expertise and support have been instrumental in making Anchor a pioneering force in the leisure and entertainment industry.