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  • Client Overview

    Bell’INVITO is one of the leading brands in the luxury printing industry. Heather Wiese Alexander, the founder of Bell’INVITO entered the world of fashion as an art director. The brand is a result of her passion and the opportunities she made along the way. The word Bell’invito is the common conjunction used in Italian to describe a beautiful invitation.

    Today, the brand serves beautifully handcrafted, one of a kind pieces that carry a plethora of emotions. Everything from using eco-friendly materials, designing exquisite fabrics to nurturing an ideal environment for their associates, makes the brand stand out from its competitors.

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    Business Challenge

    Bell’INVITO had an E-commerce web platform built on a technology named Interspire. It is an old legacy server that had multiple downsides to it. Some of the common problems with the portal were speed, stability, and continuity. The brand faced untimely shutdowns of the portal, which led to an uncertainty in the employee shifts. This started to affect their overall business efficiency. Another major challenge was related to a Couture form on their website, which was again on Interspire. The form was not meeting the brand’s expectations at any point.

    Before engaging with Copper Digital, Bell’invito collaborated with other vendors who promised to deliver a Magento based platform that would solve their existing problems. Unfortunately, the vendor was not able to meet with the company’s expectations, majorly on account of lack of communication. That is when the brand started engaging with Copper Digital.

    Bell Invito


    During our engagement with Bell’INVITO, we first wanted to understand the core of their business challenge, and then provide them with the best possible solution. After analyzing their web portal thoroughly, we gave them a 2-tier solution. The first tier was to manage their existing portal built on Interspire to ensure a smooth business transition.

    We offered to fix minute issues in the web portal, along with ensuring minimum or no outages.

    We also added some new elements in the portal that would enhance their productivity. While ensuring that the old portal was working better than earlier, we agreed with them to build a Magento based web platform.

    Our team of experts did regular meetings with the brand to ensure that there is no disconnect towards the end and absolutely zero communication gap.


    Bell Invito


    As a result of our team’s extensive research and dedication, we delivered Bell’INVITO with an entire web platform that worked well with their expectations. Apart from that, we were also able to fix the couture form for them. We decoupled this form from the legacy server, upgraded it with the new server, and coupled it again with the latest Magento based portal we built for them.

    It was a seamless data migration for them, without any loss of existing customers. The team at Bell’invito was delighted with the new web portal. The new portal was not only aligned with their business logic but also improved its overall business.