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  • Client Overview

    Future Group stands as one of India’s largest retail pioneers, uniting diverse and passionate communities of Indian businesses, buyers, and sellers through multiple retail chains. With a vast network of retail outlets and a dedicated user base, Future Group recognized the need for an easy-to-use, highly secure digital wallet tailored for shopping at their establishments.

    Operating across more than 400 cities in every state, Our Client has seamlessly extended its reach through an extensive digital presence and a network of over 1500 physical stores. These stores collectively span an impressive 16 million square feet of retail space, providing a diverse range of products and services to meet the diverse needs of their loyal customer base.

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    Business Challenge

    Many individuals today grapple with the inconvenience of carrying bulky wallets, loaded with an assortment of credit and debit cards, driver’s licenses, loyalty and rewards cards, as well as cash and receipts. The constant desire to streamline this clutter and simplify our daily routines led to the creation of Future Group’s innovative solution. Future Group offers a digital wallet, FuturePay, designed to consolidate all essential cards onto users’ smartphones, bringing them one step closer to the vision of a wallet-free existence.

    Payment through Future Pay


    Our proficient team at Copper Digital, with vast experience and robust infrastructure, undertook the development of the FuturePay iOS application. Recognizing the intricate nature of mobile digital wallets, the development team diligently worked to ensure seamless yet secure transactions when using a smartphone for wireless payments. The emphasis was on weaving together various technologies cohesively, and meticulous attention was given to encryption methods for robust security and user data protection. Notable features of the app include Instant OTP for quick transactions, Geo Location for finding nearby stores and navigating through Google or Apple Maps, virtual receipts for tracking transactions and balances, and a unique Price Match feature.

    The Price Match feature, exclusive to the FuturePay App, guarantees users the best price for their purchases. It achieves this by comparing prices with those offered by local or online competitors. If Future Group’s prices are found to be higher, the difference is promptly refunded to the user’s Future Pay wallet. The app offers a comprehensive suite of functionalities, including integrated payment methods, loyalty cards, coupon codes, an AI chatbot, and instant offline OTP. Moreover, it allows users to access promotions and offers while ensuring a high level of security with HTTP 2.0.




    Copper Digital collaborated closely with the client’s team throughout the development of FuturePay. This closed eWallet app exclusively serves stores associated with Future Group, and the partnership encompassed all phases, from strategic planning to development, launch, and ongoing support. The successful launch of the mobile app was seamless and efficient. It quickly gained popularity, amassing 200 thousand downloads and ranking among the top 10 most searched apps in the Apple App Store. FuturePay has emerged as a game-changing solution, simplifying the lives of countless users by reducing the clutter of physical wallets and offering a seamless digital alternative.