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  • Client Overview

    Gannett, a leading media company, operates numerous newspapers and digital media outlets across the United States. Their commitment to delivering quality content and exceptional customer experiences led to the pursuit of a cutting-edge chat application.

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    Business Challenge

    In an age where accessibility to the internet is prevalent, consumers seek seamless and efficient means to interact with customer care services. Customer experience has become paramount, with the contemporary expectation being an always-on, personalized digital engagement. Meeting this expectation is no longer a choice but a necessity.

    In 2016, Gannett recognized the need to revolutionize its customer care solution, embarking on a journey to reimagine its chat application. This overhaul aimed to harness the potential of Artificial Intelligence to enhance coverage and efficiency.


    The primary objective of this project was to redesign the chat application with a modern design approach and ensure compatibility across various web platforms, emphasizing mobile responsiveness. Copper Digital took on the challenge of redesigning and developing an end-to-end chat application for Gannett that prioritized intuitiveness, usability, and engagement.

    The journey began with an in-depth analysis of the existing design and a comprehensive understanding of the client’s expectations. Leveraging design thinking techniques, ideas were generated and synthesized to bring innovation to the forefront. Notable modifications included revamping the header section to enhance its appeal for both web browsers and mobile devices. This involved adjustments to font style and font weight, as well as the replacement of the send button with a more intuitive send icon. The new design was then handed over to the development team for CSS coding.

    As Phase 1 culminated with UI enhancements, ongoing discussions with Gannett led to the creation of a high-level process flow for Phase 2. This phase focused on mapping message ‘types’ to trigger events, ensuring that notifications were sent to recipients as soon as either party began typing. Building on the success of the initial phases, the project seamlessly transitioned into its third phase in 2017.


    Gannett Chat App


    Copper Digital seamlessly integrated the chat solution into a variety of web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (Mac OS), Safari for iPad2, iPad Mini, iPad with Retina Display, Safari Mobile for the latest iPhone, and Chrome for mobile. The user interface of the chat application was meticulously designed to offer a clean and uncluttered space where the focus remains solely on the chat experience.

    The onboarding process was streamlined, with a primary focus on facilitating interaction between the user and the Chatbot, effectively gathering the necessary information. The chat application provided users with a set of predetermined responses to the chatbot’s dialogue, reducing the risk of misunderstandings and enhancing the overall user experience.

    In conclusion, Gannett’s commitment to enhancing its customer care offering through a modern chat application, coupled with Copper Digital’s expertise, led to the creation of an engaging, efficient, and seamless customer experience.