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  • Client Overview

    Green Dot Corporation is a preeminent financial technology and registered bank holding company committed to transforming how people and businesses manage and move money.

    Established in 1999, the company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and is dedicated to making financial well-being and empowerment accessible to all. As the world’s leading prepaid debit card company by market capitalization, Green Dot is widely recognized for its reputation of excellence in the financial technology industry.

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    Business Challenge

    Before partnering with Copper Digital, Green Dot sought to revolutionize the mobile banking experience for its customers and recognized the need for a comprehensive, flexible, and scalable solution.

    The solutions Green Dot sought aimed to go beyond traditional banking services and incorporate unique features such as financial management tools and gamification elements to enhance the customer journey, improve customer satisfaction and engagement, drive business growth, reduce churn rate, and attract new customers. At the core, the primary goal was to create a cutting-edge mobile experience that would set Green Dot apart from its competitors and help establish a distinct brand identity.


    After understanding Green Dot’s product vision in the discovery phase, our experienced team of Mobile Strategists, UI/UX Designers, Backend Architects, and Quality Assurance Engineers worked closely with the client and focused on building a scalable mobility solution that exceeded their expectations and helped drive business growth.

    As a part of our engagement, we:

    Designed & Developed A Modern Mobile Banking App

    Our team delivered a performant mobile banking app that transformed traditional, paper-based banking processes, such as debit card issuance, transaction management, and account information, into an efficient and user-friendly solution for on-the-go banking. With personalized and efficient functionalities, users can experience the following:

    Instant Fund Transfer with Third-Party Payment Framework: Users can effortlessly transfer funds to other accounts, including those from third-party payment frameworks, from the comfort of their mobile devices.

    Effortless Debit and Credit Card Management: With a single, intuitive dashboard, users can effortlessly manage their debit and credit cards, eliminating the need to switch between multiple accounts. They can even apply for debit card services with just a few clicks.

    Engaging Gamification: To enhance the banking experience, our team added an element of fun to banking by incorporating gamification, such as rewards for completing tasks or making transactions.

    White Label App Solution: GreenDot’s clients can create their Mobile Apps that use the existing digital banking ecosystem at the backend with preplanned flows and configurability enabling a personalized and customized banking experience.

    Easy Money Management: The app streamlines finances by providing an easy-to-use interface, allowing users to track spending and make informed decisions.

    Centralized Finances: By linking external accounts, users can view all their finances in one place, eliminating the need to log into multiple accounts.

    Automatic Savings: The automated savings tool allow users to set savings goals and have money automatically transferred to their savings account, simplifying their saving journey.

    Built a Streamlined Web Admin Console

    In addition to the advanced iOS & Android mobile apps, we empowered Green Dot with a cutting-edge web-based backend solution. Our web-based admin console streamlined their business operations and kept their customers’ financial data secure.

    Moreover, Green Dot was able to take control and manage their digital platform, services, users, themes, and dashboard effortlessly with our user-friendly web console. With a single view of reports and analytics, a third-party payment framework, key bank-related functionalities, a product catalog, etc., Green Dot was able to embrace innovation and transform their manual processes.

    Cloud and DevOps

    At Copper Digital, we understand the importance of optimizing infrastructure and ensuring security and compliance for our clients. In the case of Green Dot, our DevOps support team was instrumental in providing expert assistance in setting up a serverless architecture, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines, and one-click deployment.

    By leveraging the advantages of a serverless architecture, we were able to provide automatic scaling, streamlined software development through agile-based CI/CD pipelines, and increased security measures to protect against potential cyber threats.


    Green Dot mobile banking solution


    Our expert team worked closely with Green Dot to deliver a digital banking solution that exceeded their expectations. The result was a cutting-edge mobile app that automated tedious manual processes, improved customer satisfaction, and set Green Dot apart from its competitors.

    With features like instant fund transfers, gamification elements, a white label app with single BAAS, financial management tools, and a streamlined web-based admin console, Green Dot could take control and manage its digital platform effortlessly.

    The impact was undeniable – Green Dot saw a significant increase in customer base, retention rate, and overall customer satisfaction while reducing operational costs and minimizing opportunity loss. Our DevOps support team ensured that the solution was secure, compliant, and optimized for performance.

    In essence, Green Dot’s journey with Copper Digital was a resounding success that paved the way for improved business operations, growth, and overall customer satisfaction.