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  • Client Overview

    Our client is one of the major hospital chains in Asia known for offering the highest standards of advanced multispecialty healthcare delivery worldwide, following exceptional ethical standards, and leveraging the latest technology for greater accuracy and reduced recovery time.

    Hospital App development
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    Business Challenge

    Our client seeking solutions & success through digital transformation, reached out to develop a 360° modern technology platform. The top three crucial problems our client witnessed were:

    • Legacy Manual Medical Consultation System

    Gone are the days when people had the time and patience to wait and comply with the manual, time-consuming, and tiresome medical appointment booking and consultation system. Our client’s major struggle was the dependency on the manual legacy system.

    Today’s fast-paced era demands an on-the-go solution eliminating the tedious manual processes and offering a more streamlined and credible medical consultation system that empowers patients to seek medical assistance conveniently.

    • Higher Patient Acquisition Cost & Low Retention Rate

    The ongoing digital acceleration and the gap between the need of patients and the services offered by our healthcare client negatively impacted the number of patients acquired and retained. This led to higher acquisition costs & lower retention rates; a tech-enabled digitally advanced solution became necessary to build trust, mitigate the loss of potential prospects, and cater to the needs of their end users.

    • Health Record Management Hassle

    When seeking consultations, it often becomes difficult for patients and hospitals to keep track of and maintain medical reports, previous health conditions, prescriptions, and medicines, thus requiring a robust record management repository to ease the maintenance of medical history.

    These three business problems firmly have a ripple effect on clients’ brand visibility and customer engagement. We had to build a robust solution that solves all these problems and delivers real-time customer experience, business growth, and better operational efficiency.


    The objective of the digital transformation solution was legacy system modernization, streamlining the doctor-patient communication process, real-time appointment booking, and medical record management. Being our core expertise, we follow a well-defined and refined approach to build – develop – test – and deliver digital transformation solutions.

    1. Discovery 

    The Copper Digital team kicked off the solution building with an in-depth Discovery phase. Our certified cross-functional teams understood the client’s vision and analyzed every aspect of their legacy digital ecosystem while identifying technical and operational gaps within their business.

    2. Define 

    The comprehensive brainstorming sessions helped us create a strategic digital transformation roadmap for our client’s product development aligned with their expected results. The solution included – An end-to-end Mobile Application, a robust backend for internal teams, and HIPPA-compliant cloud architecture.

    3. Design & Development 

    The design & development phase began with storyboarding, prototyping, architecture, and intuitive UI UX creation. Details of all solution aspects are below –

    An Integrated Mobile App Platform Development

    Our experienced Flutter developers and MEAN stack experts worked closely to set an excellent example of digital transformation by building a real-time, secure, and integrated mobile app platform that enhanced customer-centricity making doctor-patient communication & collaboration seamless, instant, and efficient.

    It was well-equipped with the following:

    • Telehealth and telemedicine modules to help find doctors, book & manage in-person and virtual appointments, and nursing, pharmacy, and lab tests in just a few clicks.
    • Document module for patients to keep track, share, and consult medical practitioners for their prescriptions and reports eliminating the hassle of paying a visit every time a new test is done.
    • A well-integrated appointment booking system and third-party functionalities enabling virtual consultation, maps, and geo-tracking.
    • An essential First-Aid guide intended to offer instant help to patients looking for quick next steps in case of a medical emergency.

    Admin Panel Backend Development for Internal Teams

    Knowing the importance of a robust backend for a customer-centric intuitive frontend, our proficient tech team concurrently built an admin panel, providing meticulous attention to detail, ultimately ushering our client toward a more customer-centric mobile solution. A Robust Admin Panel:

    • Enabling efficient management of appointment requests, pharmacy & lab, generating reports, and viewing the dashboard with the details of all the patients booking services through the mobile platform.
    • Offering an overview of reports & analytics, in addition to the courier partners and third-party integrations like Twilio. Thus helping in real-time contemplation of user engagement and business growth.

    Health Information Systems (HIS) Integration & Analytics

    The key reason behind HIS integration is to bring and combine data and systems from disparate subsystems to be viewed as one from a consolidated business perspective leveraged by policymakers and healthcare providers for planning, resource allocation, and decision-making purposes.

    • We extracted data from three primary data sources to combine disparate systems and create a central depository storing patient health records while ensuring compliance with CRM, CMS, and third-party billing systems.
    • In addition, when connecting desktops, devices, and servers to existing host systems, HIS integration significantly reduced network infrastructure complexity and the cost of health-related data management.

    HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Architecture

    Our certified professionals with extensive expertise in architecting go-to-market solutions empowered the client with a HIPAA-compliant, secure cloud solution. It ensured confidentiality and effectively tracked patients’ medical information or healthcare-related data.

    • Copper Digital helped to set up serverless architecture, one-click deployment – infrastructure as code, cost optimization, security & healthcare industry compliances.
      Serverless architecture enabled our client to automate and streamline the mobile product development, abiding by agile methodology. At the same time, industry compliances helped the client to continue functioning online without hassle while securing applications from external threats & cyber attacks.

    4. Deployment 

    As soon as our integrated product was developed and meticulously tested, our next step was to deploy this robust infrastructure with no bugs or hiccups. Our testing & automation practices ensured that it went through smoothly and system handover was seamless.



    Our 360° Business Transformation solution empowered the client with a modern, digitally advanced ecosystem, ensuring security & compliance. A digital transformation platform that is scalable, resilient, and optimized and makes medical consultation accessible by efficiently bridging the connectivity and collaboration gaps.

    This new-age solution started showing results immediately in real-time customer experience, efficient workflow automation, and improved efficiency, leading to higher brand engagement and business growth.