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Client Overview

The Honest Company, founded by Jessica Alba in 2012, works towards empowering people to live happy, healthy lives. The brand’s committed to creating safe and delightful products for babies and the homes they live in.

Jessica believes in creating an ‘honest’ standard of safety and transparency for her customers. The company sells baby products ranging from diapers, lotions to cleaning products. Some of their product formulas are developed right in their in-house labs.

While captivating her customers’ attention through baby products, Jessica came up with natural, chemical-free beauty products to indulge them even more. With time, the brand became an all-rounder platform for mothers or to-be mothers!

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Business Challenge

The ‘Honest’ team wanted a developer to translate their business ideas into an eye-catching website. In their earlier engagement with vendors and developers, they experience a lack of communication, strategy, and approach, and implementation. Also, the mobile application they used previously was devoid of features highlighting their top services.

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Our first encounter with The Honest Company was through a referral from one of our older clients. He introduced us to the CTO of the Honest Company, with whom we had multiple brainstorming sessions to go into the depth of their business goals. Along the way, we interacted with the marketing folks there, the back-end developers, and other teams to get deep insights on the fundamentals of the company – how their APIs were structured, their services, deliverables, and so on so forth.

After an in-depth understanding of their unique model, we offered a solution aligning with their business logic. Unlike any Ecommerce platform, they use bundles of products instead of individual SKU’s (Stock Keeping Units).

Moreover, they work on a subscription type model wherein customers can subscribe to their personalized ‘bundles’ as suited. For instance, if a customer subscribes for a ‘baby bundle,’ he/she can create it by choosing from various products/categories. The frequency of subscriptions may also be altered based on customer needs. Much like the renowned Amazon subscription model in the US!

We put together a diverse team of creative minds, based in India, Dallas, and LA, to develop something extraordinary. Attracting mothers from different stages of pregnancy, i.e., before, during, and after, was our primary focus.


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We delivered a beautiful design for their website and two more applications for Android and iOS platforms. The website we developed had a separate section for blogs and resources for mothers to read. It could help them track their ovulation cycle, their kid’s growth, and enlighten them on how to eat healthily. An all-in-one, trustworthy solution for mothers!

The entire team of Honest was delighted with the design and features we built for them. Soon after the project’s delivery, the company handed us an altogether new project to serve its new range of beauty products, called ‘Honest Beauty.’ We are proud to have completed both projects with extreme customer satisfaction.