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  • Client Overview

    TrinityRail is North America’s leading provider of railcar transportation, parts, maintenance, and investor services and is well-equipped with a comprehensive platform of leasing, manufacturing, maintenance, and professional services for one of the largest railcar fleets.

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    Business Challenge

    Customers are savvier than ever, with higher expectations that continue to rise. But, especially as the market grows competitive, the challenge for TrinityRail wasn’t just to meet these rising expectations but to exceed them.

    • TrinityRail’s freight management, reporting, and coordination processes were manual, tedious, and complex, increasing the turnaround time.
    • TrinityRail could not give customers real-time information, ultimately hampered the end-user experience.
    • The inability to inspire users to engage with the brand regularly degraded customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention rates.

    The continuous decline in customer retention and customer experience led TrinityRail to look for a scalable mobility solution that adds the WOW factor to their brand, streamlines their processes, optimizes admin actions and performance, and helps achieve high accessibility and visibility to customers.



    After the discovery session with the TrinityRail, our team of business architects, Flutter developers, UI/UX designers, quality assurance engineers, and product managers laid down the digital transformation plan to address TrinityRail’s needs and resolve the gaps and challenges of the brand.

    • Next Gen IoT-enabled Freight Management System –
      • To cater to the manual, tedious freight management process, we built a next-gen IoT solution – a digital platform that monitors sensor-equipped railcars and freight in real-time, from origin to destination.
      • The SaaS-based model tracking device we built uses robust ML analytics that provides actionable insights into car movement and cargo conditions so that users can make timely, informed business decisions.
      • We linked their rail car sensors to a cloud-based hub enabling continuous visibility of rich, up-to-the-minute data and predictive ETA.
      • Our IoT system was well equipped to send out notifications regarding wrong orders or weather-related delays and calls per mile analytics and informed about unauthorized access and breaches of the data or system.
    • Web & Mobile Application UI UX Design & Development –
      • We helped TrinityRail overhaul the user experience by shelling the IoT device monitoring system with a fully responsive and intuitive web and mobile application.
      • These web & mobile applications were primarily interactive dashboards built with a stable architecture, mule backend, the right technology stack, and functionalities that reduced the overall turnaround time and enhanced interactivity and usability.
      • Our interactive applications offer customers a customized view of their dashboards with actionable insights helping them locate their assets and journey with geolocation-based tools & tracking, widgets including an asset list, a map view, push notifications & analytics.
    • Gamified the User Experience with a DIY app builder-
      • To increase engagement, we gamified users’ experience by proffering TrinityRail a DIY flutter application that enables users to build their mobile apps in just a few taps and clicks using a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled to build numerous applications.
      • The DIY flutter application was equipped with intuitive dashboards that allowed users to customize their experience by introducing a customizable pinboard or dashboard, playing with app widget & grid builder, recurring trigger rewards, and a leadership board, thus a simple way to navigate & engage users.
    • Cloud & DevOps –
      • Copper Digital helped set up serverless architecture, CI/CD pipelines, one-click deployment – infrastructure as code, cost optimization, security & compliances.
      • Serverless architecture helped auto-scale up & scale down; CI/CD pipelines support automated software development lifecycle based on agile methodology, and safety & compliance helped to secure applications from external threats & cyber attacks.


    trinity rail - Freight management system


    Copper Digital’s entire UX overhaul and robust digital platform equipped with advanced ML functionalities, IoT technology, and gamification reciprocated numerous benefits. Right from reducing carbon footprint, optimized procurement, production planning, logistics, inventory management, increased customer retention rate, engagement, profound insights into customer behavior, and an unparalleled user experience for the customers.