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  • Client Overview

    Primis Bank is one of the pioneering banking service providers for retail users and small, mid & large-sized businesses in the US. It offers personal banking services like bank accounts facility, loans, payment protection, phone banking, bill pay, cash collection, cheque book and passbook collection on requests. It has online banking & bill pay, cash flow management, and business line of credit for businesses,thus ensuring 24×7 control over customers’ personal and business finances.

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    Business Challenge

    We are part of a fast-paced business era, wherein we can witness digital transformation accelerating the Fintech industry’s growth and banking rapidly becoming a technologically advanced sector. Thus, to keep up with the digital savvy consumer and to thrive in the fast-paced technology-led market, Primis Bank had to:

    • Re-imagine their traditional way of providing banking services & build a modern digital banking platform to ensure a personalized, faster customer experience for increasing customer acquisition & retention.
    • Replace their tedious & manual ways of business operations and adapt to a new-age technology solution to deliver inclusive customer service and be ready to scale.
    • Needed a responsive IT infrastructure; wherein teams can work cohesively from different locations to manage the customers’ financial data without any breach, plus follow necessary compliances.

    The above three problems led Primis Bank to seek a reliable technology partner to build a mobility solution that best suits their business needs and helps them grow.

    Digital Banking solution for client Primis Bank


    After understanding Primis Bank’s product vision in the discovery phase, our vastly experienced team focused on building a scalable mobility solution for Primis Bank’s customers and internal workforce.

    A Modern Mobile Banking App –

    In Phase one, we designed & developed a smart banking app with all the features of a new-age customer experience. It also acted as an all-in-one mobility solution that was personalized, faster & accessible on the go.

    • This digital banking platform was built with advanced technologies like ReactJs, Laravel, Kotlin for Android & Swift for iOS. We aimed at bringing all the banking services to a user’s fingertips keeping data security in mind.
    • The mobile solution digitalized Primis Bank’s services, like cash collection, chequebook collection, and passbook collection at the customer’s request. Functionalities include taking or receiving money, payment pickup, cashier’s cheque, request for a card, copy statement, stop payment, reordering cheques, etc.

    All-in-One Web Admin Console –

    A robust web-based backend for seamlessly maintaining the customer’s financial data safely and automating the business operations.

    • We built a web-based admin console that provides, controls & manages their digital platform, services, users, themes, and dashboard.
    • This web console also offers a bird’s eye overview of reports & analytics, modules, key bank-related functionalities available to the user, and the product catalog, zip codes, video management, and service questionnaire on service.

    PCI Compliant Cloud Architecture

    In this phase, a PCI-Compliant & Secure Cloud Solution was implemented to manage its IT infrastructure for storing, processing, and transmitting financial information.

    • Copper Digital helped to set up serverless architecture, CI/CD pipelines, one-click deployment – infrastructure as code, cost optimization, security & compliances.
    • Serverless architecture helped Primis Bank to auto-scale up & scale down, and CI/CD pipelines helped automate the software development lifecycle based on agile methodology; security & compliance helped to secure applications from external threats & cyber attacks.


    Primis Bank


    Copper Digital empowered Primis Bank with a next-gen mobile strategy and ensured that all its business needs were addressed. We equipped Primis Bank with an innovative digital banking solution to introduce its customers to a new-age banking experience.

    The highly consultative and tech-agnostic approach adopted in the solution building helped Primis Bank to automate business processes, provide multi-location real-time access, and ensure compliance management & data security.

    As an outcome, Primis Bank witnessed a growth of up to 40% in customer base, a significant increase in retention rate, a reduction in operational cost, and minimized its opportunity loss.