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  • Client Overview

    Our client, Regal Rexnord, is a leading manufacturer of motors and related components dedicated to energy-efficiently converting power into motion. Their core focus is on developing innovative solutions that not only meet customer needs but also align with a steadfast commitment to sustainability.

    Regal Rexnord’s impact on everyday life often goes unnoticed, yet it is profound. Their products play a pivotal role in maintaining comfort by powering the fans in HVAC systems, ensuring the smooth operation of smart buildings, sustaining the food service industry through agricultural and food service equipment, and facilitating the seamless flow of e-commerce with their conveyor systems.

    As a frontrunner in the industry, Regal Rexnord’s essential products are integral to the success of mission-critical applications across the globe.

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    Business Challenge

    In the past, Regal encountered a pressing need to bolster its operational efficiency and equipment monitoring capabilities. The company required an interactive, user-friendly web-based platform for accessing and tracking real-time data and equipment status.

    Addressing these gaps in their operations could have significantly enhanced their capacity to sustain peak equipment performance, forecast maintenance requirements, and guarantee the smooth operation of their machinery. This necessitated implementing a comprehensive solution to tackle these challenges and elevate their equipment monitoring and maintenance processes, ultimately leading to increased productivity and minimized downtime.


    Copper Digital played a pivotal role in revolutionizing Regal Rexnord’s operations through the creation and implementation of a sophisticated web-based platform. This platform was designed to provide a multitude of functionalities aimed at optimizing their equipment monitoring and maintenance processes.

    Real-Time Equipment Tracking: The web-based platform enabled real-time tracking of the company’s equipment. Through this feature, Regal Rexnord could continuously monitor the status and performance of their machinery, ensuring that they were always aware of the equipment’s current state.

    Sensor-Driven Status Updates: The incorporation of sensor technology allowed for automated status updates. Sensors installed on the equipment sent data to the platform, ensuring Regal Rexnord had access to up-to-the-minute information about their machinery. This feature was instrumental in the company’s efforts to address maintenance needs and promptly respond to any issues proactively.

    Analytics via PTS-Dashboard: We integrated a PTS-Dashboard, which provided advanced analytics capabilities. This dashboard allowed Regal Rexnord to gain insights into equipment performance, trends, and predictive maintenance requirements. It was a hub for data-driven decision-making, enabling the company to optimize its operations more effectively.

    User Profiles: User profiles were implemented to facilitate personalized experiences. Each user within the organization could access the platform with their own profile, tailoring their experience and access levels to their specific needs and responsibilities.

    Alert Management: The platform included an alert management system. This feature ensured that the company could receive timely notifications about critical equipment events or issues, allowing them to take immediate action when necessary.

    Search Functionality: A robust search feature was integrated, making it easy for users to locate specific equipment or data within the platform quickly. This feature streamlined the process of accessing relevant information.

    Notifications: The platform provided a notification system that kept users informed about important updates and events related to the equipment, ensuring they never missed a crucial detail.

    Export Features: We also included export capabilities, enabling users to extract data and reports for further analysis or documentation. This feature enhanced the flexibility and control that Regal Rexnord had over their data.

    Collectively, these features and functionalities provided Regal Rexnord with a comprehensive solution to their equipment monitoring and maintenance needs. The web-based platform empowered them to increase operational efficiency, reduce downtime, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to a substantial enhancement in their overall performance and control over their equipment.


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    Copper Digital’s partnership with Regal Rexnord ushered in a transformation that substantially improved operational performance and cost efficiency. Through implementing a comprehensive web-based platform, Copper Digital addressed key operational challenges, resulting in a 40% reduction in equipment downtime, a remarkable 3X increase in operational efficiency, and a 25% reduction in annual maintenance costs. These results underscore the tangible benefits of modern technology solutions in the industrial sector, enhancing productivity and profitability.